Tumble dryers – The drying game

Spiralling energy charges have put everyone in a spin, and for those in our industry, making savings on the price of powering up and running equipment has become the number one imperative. One of the most obvious signs of costs clocking up by the minute comes courtesy of the dryers we use. Whether the dryers are used in large scale commercial laundries, OPLs or small wetcleaning operations, the dilemma is the same: how can we minimise energy wastage while achieving the required drying levels? One thing’s for sure, electricity, steam or gas guzzling older machinery can’t produce new efficiencies even when subject to tiptop maintenance. Meanwhile technological advances in the latest dryers – many introduced as part of the drive towards a more environmentally friendly future – now come into their own.

Jan Raycroft reports

Take for example WASHCO, which has launched a range of technologically advanced tumble dryers, designed to meet the needs of customers across a range of sectors. They have recently introduced the Miele PT 5186 XL 9kg dryer to the market. This small chassis model is exclusive to WASHCO in the UK and allows customers to experience the benefits of Miele quality at a cost-effective price.

This XL dryer includes several technological advantages that make it stand out from the crowd including:

  • The PerfectDry system. This measures the residual moisture of your laundry allowing you to achieve precise and outstanding drying results.
  • The unique Miele honeycomb drum. The sculptured surface of the drum means fabrics are treated gently and dry more uniformly.
  • Advanced dryer control. This changes the rotation direction of the drum at specified intervals and prevents laundry from becoming tangled. In addition, this PT 5186 XL is considered exceptionally easy to use.

It features Profiline B controls with a large rotary selector switch. This machine includes a patented extra-large filter that can catch more fluff and lint than any other machine of its class says WASHCO, as well as being simple to remove and clean. It’s particularly suitable for use in vet surgeries, hair salons, B&Bs, and sheltered housing due to its small size, competitive pricing and Miele technology. Also exclusive to WASHCO is the WASHCONNECT range of washers and dryers. All models are equipped with the latest IoT smart technology, which means that through a simple cloud-based technology you have complete visibility of processes.

The WASHCONNECT dryers are available in four sizes from 11kg up to 24kg and in steam, gas, and electric heating types. The dryers feature a 7” touchscreen which works just like a smartphone. Via the touchscreen, different user profiles can be set so that each user only has access to the programmes they need. The dryers have been designed for optimal efficiency and cost reduction. Utilising their dynamic drying functionality adjusts time and modulates heat saving of up to 12 minutes per cycle. Additionally, they feature a highly efficient spin cycle which reduces the amount of drying time required. Their superior levels of insulation lead to reduced heat loss and savings in energy costs.

WASHCONNECT dryers have been made to be futureproof and flexible, so that they evolve as your laundry evolves. All machines are offered by WASHCO on a simple monthly subscription basis inclusive of machines, cloud subscription and service.

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