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Industry associations: Help is at hand

Help is at hand Jan Raycroft reports Reaching out to friends in a time of crisis always makes sense, and during the COVID- 19 pandemic our trade associations have been doing their utmost to lend a helping hand – social distancing permitting! Jan Raycroft reports. [...]

Boiling point

Boiling point Every laundry will have a boiler at its core to provide heated water and steam. But like most things in life, what works quite happily in the background can become taken for granted and is only missed when it has failed. And this [...]

A fresh look at chemicals and solvents

A fresh look at chemicals and solvents As laundry and drycleaning operations emerge, alongside their clients, from the Covid crisis everyone is re-evaluating what they do and how they do it. Consumables such as chemicals and solvents are high on that list and the specialists in the [...]

Time to cotton on

Special Feature: Time to cotton on With everything going on in our industry, there’s been a lot to think about and plan for within businesses as we head out of lockdown. If you haven’t added it to your list, get ready for what’s happening in [...]

In Focus: Sarah Lancaster

In Fous: Sarah Lancaster About Sarah Lancaster Sarah Lancaster is MD of Total Laundry Ltd in Chichester. She purchased the business in 2013, having previously worked as a Civil Servant, a broadcast assistant with the BBC, a TV extra and sometimes voiceover presenter. She was also a [...]

Data at your fingertips

Data at your fingertips: Technology trends in the laundry and drycleaning industry Ironing out the creases is the easy bit for textile care professionals, it’s the numbers and the ‘paperwork’ that keep the business running effectively and efficiently that can need smoothing out. Owners and managers of [...]

SPECIAL FEATURE: Wetcleaning in 2021

Wetcleaning: Will 2021 be your time for change? Jean Anderson reports With many ‘diehard’ perc using drycleaners introducing wetcleaning systems in 2020, we’re predicting more will make the change in the coming year. They may choose a full conversion to wetcleaning only, or add [...]

Laundry: Order of service

Laundry: Order of service Laundry businesses of all types require the same thing – machinery that is reliable and which is backed up by a supplier with good maintenance protocols for no matter how good a product is, it will need servicing and may even break down. [...]


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