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Linen supply: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction One year ago, we highlighted a ‘Perfect Storm’ in what was increasingly becoming the Crazy World of Cotton. The pandemic, hideous supply chain knots, rocketing shipping container fees, labour disputes and import bans over human rights issues all added to the scenario. With so much [...]

Smooth operator: irons and presses

Smooth operator: irons and presses ‘Right first time’ is the aim of those using irons and presses who want to ensure their businesses run smoothly. To keep the flow going and happy customers returning, they need equipment that is swift and easy to operate [...]

If at first you don’t succeed, dry, dry and dry again

If at first you don’t succeed, dry, dry and dry again Adam Bernstein reports As with other facets of modern life, new technologies and engineering have changed the face of the market for tumble dryers. And the pace is hastening as the latest [...]

The wonder of wet

The wonder of wet Solvents are still around, and no doubt will be for some time to come. However, wetcleaning is growing in importance as some drycleaners convert – partially or in full. For some it’s about the results. For others, it’s about running greener [...]

Kannegiesser withdraw from Texcare

Kannegiesser announce withdrawal from Texcare International Kannegiesser announce withdrawal from Texcare Another large industry player, Kannegiesser, has announced that it won’t be exhibiting at Texcare later this year. In a statement issued to the press they said: “Texcare is an excellent opportunity to meet customers from all [...]

Getting shirty with your customers

Getting shirty with your customers The world is getting back to normal. A new normal. For some that means a return to the workplace and for others, a change in where they work and what they wear. And that means a rising level of demand for the [...]

In Focus: Matthew Barker

In Focus: Matthew Barker About Matthew Barker Barker MD is Matthew Barker who joined the family business in 1990 and in 2000 bought the company from his father, re-branding to become Barker Group, which is now simply known as Barker, a specialist laundry and drycleaning business based in Dorset. [...]

Lean, mean and clean

Lean, mean and clean The best of our large commercial washing machines have got leaner and meaner in recent years – at least when it comes to their water, chemical and energy usage, cycle time and even the space required. Being big doesn’t have [...]


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