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Ask the expert: overtime

Ask the expert - How to manage staff hours during inconsistent laundry orders In this new regular feature for launderers and drycleaners we’ll be turning to industry specialist Andy Marsh for some expert guidance and sound, practical advice to help you to get the most out of your equipment [...]

Wet cleaning update – For the love of water

For the love of water It’s entirely clear that the world has – and quite rightly too – become more environmentally friendly. Whether it’s energy efficiency, less use of fossil fuels or pointless packaging, ‘going green’ is in vogue. But as business in general can make changes [...]

Laundry trolleys and cages

Wheely clever - trolleys and cages for laundry Janice Raycroft reports on the features and engineering detail behind the latest trolleys and cages on the market It’s easy to think that the most ingenious solutions to laundry operation are hidden inside the computerised and increasingly sophisticated machinery, [...]

  • angora besco clothing commercial laundry rail from dane realstar

Conveyor systems for laundry and dry cleaning

Conveyor systems for laundry and dry cleaning operations Great conveyor systems can be designed to fit perfectly into any laundry or dry cleaning operation, maximising the use of space as well as increasing productivity. Janice Raycroft lines up the specialist suppliers. The Standard, London’s new hotel, is [...]

  • Rags to riches sustainable linen textiles

Sustainable textiles

Sustainable textiles provide a 'rags to riches' story Every industry is looking at ways of reducing waste and ours is of no exception. Here Tina Gleed takes a look at sustainable textiles and what’s happening in the industry to reduce the amount of waste that is sent [...]

Online laundry services

On the move: Online laundry collection and delivery In the rapidly moving world of modern collection and delivery services the customer may be king, but the app is the beating heart. Online collection and delivery has been around for only 20 years or so but has come on [...]

Cleaning and pressing of shirts equipment

Get shirty with your customers Customers want clean garments and with the move toward spending less time on chores and more on leisure, the market for cleaning and pressing of shirts is growing. But how should laundries tap into this market? What equipment should they deploy to cope [...]

Royal Jersey laundry visit

Smiles all round: Visiting Royal Jersey laundry None of us who knows the industry well has any doubt that while technology and modern engineering has changed much of how we operate in recent years, it is the remarkable combination of both resilience and adaptability of the people involved [...]


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