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A sustainable future for laundry

A sustainable future for laundry Many businesses across our industry will face a hard road to recovery from COVID-19. Here Jean Anderson talks to industry operators from retail to major manufacturers and shares their thoughts on the routes to a sustainable, environmentally sound future. [...]

Behind the mask

Behind the mask In the Government’s roadmap plan released in mid-May they advised that ‘people should aim to wear a face covering in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and they come into contact with others that they do not normally meet’. This means [...]

Steaming Ahead

Steaming Ahead The essential boiler is currently sitting unused in many businesses right now and engineers will be very busy dealing with issues when businesses switch everything on again and run into problems. Janice Raycroft talks to the experts about boilers and the sort of actions you [...]

Restarting with a clean sheet

Restarting with a clean sheet Coronavirus has side swiped economies and societies around the world in a way that was unimaginable other than in the realms of science fiction. But in time we will find a new normal and both laundries and drycleaners will reopen with clients [...]


Sustainability and futureproofing Janice Raycroft looks at the opportunities where sustainability can play a key role in changing industry businesses for the long term. These are tough times for all businesses, and while much of the media focus has been on the devastating effect on sectors such [...]

Still going strong

Dry cleaning equipment: still going strong With the headline focus often on wetcleaning, it is important to remember the continuing advances in drycleaning equipment. Whether it be the use of perc or alternative solvents or technological advances, the drycleaning arena is keeping up with the need for [...]

Feeding Time

Feeders and folders The latest feeders and folders have innovations and features that improve production, provide a better quality output and save time and energy. Janice Raycroft reports. By ‘ironing out the pinch points and wrinkles’ technological advances are transforming modern laundries, cutting chunks of time, energy [...]

Ask the expert: overtime

Ask the expert - How to manage staff hours during inconsistent laundry orders In this new regular feature for launderers and drycleaners we’ll be turning to industry specialist Andy Marsh for some expert guidance and sound, practical advice to help you to get the most out of your equipment [...]


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