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Jean Anderson Reports

Users of irons and presses need superefficient equipment that swiftly turns out perfect results every time with a close eye on energy costs in these difficult times.

The heat is on for them to keep the flow going in drycleaning shops, and businesses like hotels and care homes with in-house laundries.

Fortunately for all these hard-pressed people there have been some innovative developments to make their working lives and energy budgets just that little bit easier. Our expert suppliers have a lot to offer no matter what your operation needs including the recent launch of new a rotary ironer model.

Jean Anderson reports.


The best-in-class iron and press equipment manufacturer, PONY, are designed to offer maximum productivity whilst maintaining high ironing quality with ease, says Jason Alexander, managing director at Renzacci UK.

“Built to an industrial quality, these versatile pieces of equipment have one design element at the core of every product, which is to make the operator’s work easier whilst achieving the highest quality production, for the lowest running costs.” The popular SP-U Manual Utility Press boasts an enviable combination of power and functionality, adding this to its compact design, means that this press is able to meet the demands of a modern business.

The presses are available with different shaped heads and bucks, with steaming heads and steam/vacuum buck. Blowing bucks are also available for the automatic head closing models. Whether you’re pressing shirts or trousers, the Genus-SV is an electrically heated table incorporating a new design and new technology. With a vacuum, hot air blow and steam from the buck, both energy consumption and ease of use have been the driving forces behind the design of this product. Available in either a fixed or adjustable height version, the Genus-SV is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue.

If you’re looking to save time and energy when it comes to pressing trousers, the PONY Double Leg Press (DLP) allows laundry operators, and even those with minimal experience, to quickly press the four folds of the trouser legs in a single operation, creating the perfect trouser crease (the tell-tale sign of a high quality professional drycleaner). When it comes to finishing, PONY’s iron and pressing tables guarantee a beautifully finished garment every time.

Alexander said: “PONY offers the ideal solution for businesses looking to save time and money. “Not only is the equipment competitively priced but offers high quality results with ease, designed to reduce fatigue of the operator and include energy-saving features to cut costs. “That’s why we’re proud to be PONY’s leading finishing equipment partner,” concludes Alexander.

The Genus-SV is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue

The PONY Double Leg Press allows laundry operators to quickly press the four folds of the trouser legs in a single operation

The newly launched Grandimpianti rotary ironers offer significant advantages for operators, say exclusive UK suppliers WASHCO


Ironing a massive pile of sheets, pillowcases or table linens can feel like a momentous task but the newest Grandimpianti rotary ironers are set to revolutionise this process and enable customers to make use of this equipment even within a more confined space.

Commenting on the launch of the new GI models this month, James Holmes, WASHCO’s sales director, said: “We are excited to be launching these innovative Grandimpianti ironers and believe they offer significant advantages against other models on the market.”

Available exclusively from WASHCO, the Grandimpianti GI 1218 E VT and GI 1418 E VT, offer a raft of impressive features that set these models apart. Measuring 141cm or 161cm wide, one of the key differences is that these new ironers’ bodies are 20 per cent less wide than previous models, while still maintaining the same roller length. This allows smaller OPLs and professional cleaners to take advantage of a roller ironer, even where space is at a premium. The GI models are also offered with larger roller diameters of 28 and 34cm. With this larger surface area, you’ll be able to iron faster, improving productivity.

“The key to the new ironers’ improved performance is the innovative Multipoint Contact Thrust System (MCTS),” say WASHCO. On previous rotary ironer models, the airflow was concentrated across one end of the drum. Users tended to favour this end, as it was hotter. However, this caused service issues with the drum wearing out and needing to be serviced. “With the Multipoint Contact Thrust System, the airflow flows evenly across the entire length of the ironing plate, ensuring an excellent ironing performance across every part of the machine. The system also includes a control that adjusts the intensity of thrust, temperature, and rotation speed of the plate. This provides great ironing quality, and reliability over time.” Due to their high thermal conductivity, the GI models are designed to heat up quickly and uniformly, reaching the desired operating temperature within a few minutes. This will save considerable time and money. Additionally, those GI models with larger rollers (above 25cm) offer a central aspiration facility. This helps absorb excess moisture across the entire surface of the fabric, meaning that the ironed linens come out more uniformly dry.

WASHCO offer the GI ironers with an advanced roller coating. This is perfect for treating linen with residual moisture of 40-45 per cent, thus saving time and money in the drying process. This roller itself is made of a special structure with movable plates and requires only a special NOMEX foam cover. The advantage of this advanced roller, above those made of steel is that it is practically maintenance-free, they say, adding that the roller itself will not need replacing, with occasional replacement of the NOMEX cover as it wears out.


As the UK prepares for staycations in 2023, businesses in the hospitality industry need to ensure that they deliver a high-quality service, says MAG sales director Kieron Kendell. “One area that is often overlooked but is crucial to customer satisfaction is the quality of linen and laundry.

MAG Laundry Equipment understands that standards are higher than ever and has developed a range of ironing machines designed to provide the highest quality finish for businesses in the hospitality industry, including laundry shops, linen services, drycleaners, hotels, restaurants, care homes and hospitals.” MAG Laundry Equipment’s range of compact, energy-efficient, and affordable ironers are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of any business. Says Kendell: “They offer high-performing flatwork drying irons and industrial calenders that are installed nationwide, as well as finishing tables, presses, and roller irons.

With a range of products that cater to all needs, businesses can rest assured that they will find the right ironing machine for their specific needs. MAG’s ironers range from one metre to 3.3 metres in length, and have been developed and improved for over 100 years. “MAG Laundry Equipment is committed to providing the best possible quality finish, which is why its ironers are designed to be smooth and wrinkle-free.” With energy prices soaring, MAG’s products could help businesses reduce their energy bills by up to 60 per cent. The company’s highly-efficient ironers are considerably cheaper to run than older, inefficient models, which waste energy. “This means that businesses operating commercial laundry machines around the clock can save a significant amount of money by switching to MAG Laundry Equipment’s range of energy-efficient machines,” said Kendell. Smaller laundries may prefer a simple, budget-friendly ironer for a quick finish on pillowcases, tablecloths, and other items of flatwork linen. Larger laundries may require a multifunctional calender that can dry, iron, feed, fold, and stack flatwork linen efficiently and to the highest quality.

Kendell adds: “Whatever the size of the business, MAG Laundry Equipment can recommend the best equipment for the job based on the volume of laundry, linen, and bed sheets that are being processed.” MAG Laundry Equipment has the widest range of commercial ironing and drying machines on the market, all designed to achieve the best quality finish, said Kendell. Drying irons, in particular, are extremely popular with customers due to their excellent finish and very competitive price. Kendell confirms that many customers who purchase a drying iron from their company go on to order additional machines, which is a testament to the quality of its products. “In conclusion, businesses in the hospitality industry need to ensure that they deliver a high-quality service in 2023, particularly as staycations are expected to be as popular as ever.

MAG Laundry Equipment’s range of ironing machines are designed to provide the highest quality finish for businesses, and are energy-efficient, affordable, and available in a range of sizes to meet the needs of any business. “With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, businesses can trust MAG Laundry Equipment to provide the best possible ironing machines for their specific needs,” said Kendell.

MAG Laundry Equipment has a wide range of ironers including industrial feeding, folding and stacking options

A Dane Realstar steam, vacuum and blowing table can be supplied for central steam connection or with a self contained boiler


Finishing equipment is a key part of the garment care process and Dane Realstar supplies a complete range of drycleaning, laundry and finishing equipment for any business, be it a laundry, drycleaner, wet care or ironing service. “We promote the sale of finishing equipment to enable us to offer the customer a complete package, says Dane’s Nicholas Higgs. “Dane Realstar offers competitively priced equipment backed up by excellent after sales. We offer prompt full service back up by our experienced engineers. Carrying a full range of spare parts for total customer care, all our equipment is backed by Dane Realstar’s excellent after sales service. “We also offer support, service and spares for all other makes and a full installation service.

Our engineers are available to assist at the time of boiler inspections.” Higgs adds: “We supply a full range of our unique brand of finishing equipment, supplied by a manufacturer which has been producing high quality well-built equipment since the 1980s, with a range of strong robust, efficient equipment for garment care, offering quality and reliability and durability.” Included in the range of finishing equipment are ironing tables, manual and automatic presses, laundry hot head presses, spotting tables and roller ironers.

Said Higgs: “Our equipment produces excellent finishes for both wet and drycleaning operations with the full stretching and tensioning systems available on the formers and trouser toppers. “There is a huge selection of ironing tables available including vacuum and blowing tables, vacuum heated tables, and the favourite of many drycleaners, the steam, vacuum and blowing tables with steam electric or all steam irons fitted.” He said: “AQUASTAR have a wide range of products including roller ironers, dryer ironers and finishing equipment.

“At Dane Realstar we have a demonstration unit dedicated to offering prospective customers the opportunity to visit us and use the machines before making a purchase. “Choosing the right product first time is important, alongside the relationship with your supplier and the service provided – we provide the best choice of equipment and support available,” said Higgs.

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