Duvet cleaning and duvet washing

Warm summer days eventually give way to cold winters nights. So, as temperatures drop, and duvets get changed over so establishments should be looking to having their summer duvet cleaned.

The laundry sector is known for being able to clean bedlinen so it’s only natural that the clients assume that it is also expert in duvet cleaning. 

With a multitude of fillings, weights, togs, pockets and anti-allergy features, not to mention size, customers need help and both drycleaners and laundries can assist. However, they have to promote their services first. Adam Bernstein reports.

MAG Laundry Equipment

Kieron Kendell, sales director at MAG Laundry Equipment knows that with winter coming, now is the perfect time for a laundry to start making noise about its duvet washing services. He says that “it’s recommended that duvets and pillows are washed twice a year.” He thinks that MAG has duvet washing machines in stock ready to help laundries tackle dirty duvets.

From Kendell’s standpoint, a few quick and easy marketing techniques such as a simple poster on the wall, a sticker in the window or leaflets could be all that’s needed to remind customers to wash their duvets: “With consumers being more aware of winter duvets and summer duvets this seasonal trend is a clever angle you can use to drum up extra orders.”

Of course, over time bedding can become grimy and greasy with a build-up of dirt, oil, dead skin cells and dust mites and Kendell says that businesses should use this information to their advantage “as nobody wants to be sleeping under a dirty duvet.

And with the correct equipment washing and drying duvets has never been easier.” MAG can supply washing machines and tumble dryers that are designed for bulky items – “a large drum and door opening,” says Kendell, “makes the loading and unloading of duvets easy. Plus, the latest design and technology helps ensure duvets are processed efficiently and gently, avoiding damage to duvets without compromising on a high-quality wash and dry service.” To this end Kendel l recommends the Primer LS19T 20kg high spin washing machine for processing duvets: “This fully programmable machine is user-friendly, energy-efficient and you can choose from a selection of useful pre-set cycles or design your own ‘duvet cycles’ for the best results.”

He adds that the duvet washing machines are available as manual units for laundries and drycleaners to use behind-the-scene via an over the counter service. They are also available as coin-operated and contactless (card-payment) units suitable for members of the public to use within a launderette environment.

A recent upgrade has seen the introduction of a new bigger touchscreen for “a better user experience.” For the very best washing results laundries will need to combine high quality laundry equipment with high quality detergents. On this, MAG Laundry Equipment, says Kendell, stocks a wide range of affordable detergents “which provide outstanding results.”

This includes lightly fragranced laund r y detergent, fabr ic conditioners, highly effective stain removers and odour eliminators. Naturally, households should be looking to clean their duvets every six months, but hotels, B&Bs and holiday cottages will need to wash their duvets much more regularly.

While larger hotels may outsource their duvets, some may choose to process in house. Either way Kendell says, “MAG can offer a competitive and professional service for the supply and installation of commercial laundry machines.”

MAG laundry duvet cleaning

Electrolux Professional UK

With years of experience, it’ s understandable that Mick Christian, Electrolux Professional’s r egional training and demonstration manager, is well aware that the hospitality sector looks at ways to maximise operational efficiency.

While hotels and holiday parks stand to benefit from an on premise laundry (OPL) to keep their duvet cleaning in house, drycleaning outlets can benefit by providing hotels with limited space the opportunity to outsource their duvet cleaning. But when it comes to the homeowner, Christian says that “washing instructions on duvets can be tricky to navigate, and with the average capacity of a household washing machine generally not large enough to accommodate a full duvet it is important that local outlets are able to offer this service.”

For Christian, wetcleaning is “the safest and most sustainable way to professionally clean even the most complex of items.” Electrolux Professional’s wetcleaning system – lagoon® Advanced Care – “can take garments including duvets,” says Christian, “from dry to dry in 55 minutes, and avoids the use of any toxic cleaning chemicals, making it a much cleaner, greener and safer PTC solution.”

Here, water is the solvent which is partnered with smar t biodegradable detergents. Where Electrolux claims its system wins out is that it can clean almost anything, such as linen and towels as well as duvets. The company says it has tailored packages to give drycleaners and hospitality professionals alike complete flexibility:

An Essential Set available to complement existing drycleaning operations and an Absolute Set ideal for replacing a 15kg drycleaning system.

As for the practical cleaning of duvets, Christian says that those looking for an eco-green friendly washing solution “should consider adding ozone to their washing process… not only will customers duvets smell fresher and cleaner, they will have been zapped with a laundry’s most powerful disinfection system.”

Duvet cleaning and washing electrolux

Staff at Downton Dry Cleaners using the Electrolux lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning system.

He adds that the use of ozone within laundry has been around for many years, but mainly within the healthcare sector for infection control purposes. However, other market segments are now looking to utilise the power of ozone and related benefits.

The problem is that duvets and pillows attract all kinds of bacteria such as dust mites, bed bugs as well as the dead skin and personal hygiene of the people that use them, which is why Christian says it’s a great idea to get them sanitised regularly: “Using our O3 Guardian Ozone Disinfection System will ensure all bacteria is killed and remove all odours leaving pillows and duvets fresh and hygienically clean.”

Christian finishes by noting that all of Electrolux’s packages can be supported through a comprehensive product training programme which can be delivered both pre-sale at their Center of Excellence in Luton or post-install at a customer’s site. In either location operators will be shown how to make best use of the system’s functionality to clean more challenging items – including duvets – more effectively.

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