A fresh look at chemicals and solvents

As laundry and drycleaning operations emerge, alongside their clients, from the Covid crisis everyone is re-evaluating what they do and how they do it.

Consumables such as chemicals and solvents are high on that list and the specialists in the field have wasted no time in looking to their customers’ future needs. From commercial laundry detergents through wetcleaning and drycleaning products to spotting chemicals, work has been under way to create solutions fit for the future. Disinfection has leapt to the top of the priority list for many, along with looking after the environment. But consumers still want good value, sparkling whites and vibrant colours alongside a reassuringly great feel and scent.

Jean Anderson reports


“Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable alternatives to conventional laundry products without sacrificing performance,” says Jan Querengäβer of Büfa, the manufacturer which has a long relationship with UK supplier TCS.

“We have conducted extensive research to find better product formulations and wash processes to meet this need. Our research department has worked tirelessly to find the perfect balance between economic efficiency, quality and effectiveness on one hand, and ecology and sustainability on the other.

“This testing has resulted in a range which utilises the lowest possible required quantities, for the best possible washing performance, and the lowest possible entry in the aquatic ecosystems.” Querengäβer continues: “We are very proud to have been awarded the EU Ecolabel certification for the Büfa power by nature Ozerna Eco system. This has also been dermatologically approved so is ideal for environmentally conscious businesses who don’t want to sacrifice quality even at low temperatures.” TCS will be the sole distributor in the UK for this exciting new system. Sally Bousie of TCS said: “We are very excited to be bringing this new system to the UK market.”

The system consists of four products:
Ozerna Bright Green – An alkaline all-purpose detergent with optical brightener made from natural and renewable material. Prevents greying and has pronounced fat and dissolving power. Excellent cleaning results even at low temperatures.
Lizerna Ox – A liquid oxygen bleach. Ideal oxygen carrier in washing liquids. It guarantees absolutely residue free decomposition in water and oxygen ensures thorough removal of bleachable stains.
Lizerna Citro – Neutralising agent based on citric acid. This is a modern and odourless neutralising agent that leads to neutral pH values and prevents the formation of yellow stains even when textiles are stored in damp conditions.
Lizerna Active Green – Detergent booster with high content of water hardness-binding substances and is suitable for washing machines without a water softening system. This is a non-foaming product and is suitable for use in steam-heated washing machines and continuous batch washers.

Querengäβer explains “To achieve EU Ecolabel certification the products go through thorough testing to show not only the sustainability and biodegradability of the raw materials, but their effectiveness even at low temperatures and low dosages.

All necessary documentation is submitted as evidence of this. “In addition to this certification, Büfa have voluntarily developed the products to be completely free of phosphorus and any chemical element containing phosphorus showing our commitment to preventing accumulation in the ecosystem.”

Here, say TCS and Büfa, are some of the advantages of the Ozerna Eco System:

  • No environmentally harmful substances. EU Ecolabel-certified and meet strict requirements with regard to the biodegradability of surfactants and their entry into wastewater.
  • Palm oil produced from sustainable sources. No rainforests have been affected in any way in the production of these products.
  • Recyclable materials are used and help to reduce the amount of plastics and waste produced and the product meets the strict requirements that the certification places on the ratio of packaging used to washing dosage provided.
  • No unnecessary water or energy consumption – detergents and cleaning agents are effective at low temperatures and at low dosages.
  • No over dosage – smart and precise dosage instructions helps to ensure that there is no waste of material.

Bousie adds: “We are very excited to be bringing this new system to the UK market. We are receiving regular enquires about products which are more ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

“Our long relationship with Büfa and their extensive testing and certification gives us complete confidence that the quality of the product is second to none.”

Ozerna Bright Green – an alkaline all-purpose detergent from Büfa available from TCS

Kreussler’s breakthrough Cinta Sept fights bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses like coronavirus SARSCoV- 2 and its mutants in drycleaning


The thorny subject of disinfection in drycleaning has turned a corner with Kreussler’s launch of the disinfecting solvent additive Cinta Sept to fight bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses like coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its mutants.

Cinta Sept is easily usable in the leading solvents in distilling cleaning machines: SolvonK4, perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons, intense® and SenseneTM.

“It shows proven limited virucidal activity, meaning that it deactivates enveloped viruses like coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its mutants if properly used, said Thomas Zeck, Kreussler’s commercial director. “By adding Cinta Sept, textiles can be freed from enveloped viruses, bacteria and yeasts quickly and gently, protecting fibres and colours.” Zeck adds: “Since there are no standards or specifications in the area of disinfection in solvents to date, three of the leading solution providers – Kreussler Textile Care, Büfa and Seitz – decided to jointly develop an additive with antimicrobial effectiveness, supported by industry associations and machine manufacturers. “Its effectiveness was proven in different tests by an independent testing institute according to several DIN standards (the German institute for technical standardisation).”

Based on the final formulation, each company developed its own product. Cinta Sept was initially launched in Germany with other countries following soon.

Since its launch Cinta Sept has been notified as a biocide in the UK and has received an “excellent” dermatest certification. Kreussler is, of course, well known for offering solutions that combine sustainability, cost-efficiency and cleaning power: Lanadol for wetcleaning and SYSTEMK4 for drycleaners.

Kreussler, a German family business established in 1912, invented the original wetcleaning product using 100 per cent water as solvent as early as 1991. Using biodegradable cleaning agents, it is the ideal solution for customers demanding the ultimate level of sustainability.

“The Lanadol system is the only wetcleaning that enables skipping the pre-brushing step for up to 95 per cent of textiles, and it offers a return of most of the cleaned garments in less than an hour. As the remaining few extremely sensitive textiles can be cleaned as well with a supreme level of care and fibre protection, Lanadol wetcleaning covers all cleaning needs,” said Zeck.

“A simple system with only two processes and a small product portfolio minimises the need for special expertise, making life easier for the staff and avoiding potential damage due to unintentional misuse, while acknowledging the fact that not all fabrics can be treated in exactly the same way.” Simplicity is an important part of SystemK4, too: with just four products perfectly in tune with each other.

“The super-pure, halogen-free organic solvent SolvonK4 often cleans even better than perc, while having a far superior environmental profile. The pre-brushing agent PrenettK4, containing neither fragrance nor VOC, the drycleaning detergent ClipK4, and the proofing spray VinoyK4 complete the package, while other Kreussler solutions cover special requirements like, for example, leather finishing,” said Zeck.

Due to SolvonK4’s ultra purity, it shows long-term stability even after many cleaning cycles, therefore being extremely costefficient – in contrast to modified hydrocarbon solvents which cannot be as easily separated from water, showing a far higher solvent loss. More than 1,200 successful installations worldwide support Kreussler’s claims as to providing a new standard in sustainable drycleaning.

Kreussler also offers two product ranges to remove the stains challenging the drycleaner and laundry. The six multitalented members of the Deprit Professional set can be used for pre- as well as for post – spotting, with water and solvents. The three Prenett products are suitable for pre-spotting with any type of solvent.

To ensure the perfect dosage of the highly concentrated products, Kreussler also builds its very own dosing systems.

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