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SPECIAL FEATURE: Wetcleaning in 2021

Wetcleaning: Will 2021 be your time for change? Jean Anderson reports With many ‘diehard’ perc using drycleaners introducing wetcleaning systems in 2020, we’re predicting more will make the change in the coming year. They may choose a full conversion to wetcleaning only, or add [...]

Laundry: Order of service

Laundry: Order of service Laundry businesses of all types require the same thing – machinery that is reliable and which is backed up by a supplier with good maintenance protocols for no matter how good a product is, it will need servicing and may even break down. [...]

Choosing the right laundry calender

Running smoothly: choosing the right laundry calender Jean Anderson Reports. ‘Dashing away with the smoothing iron’ takes on a whole new meaning when you look into the world of commercial flatwork ironing. The Victorian laundress immortalised in that folk song would look enviously upon the modern calenders [...]

Pandemic causes outbreak of innovation

Pandemic causes outbreak of innovation In recent issues we’ve brought you the stories and first-hand accounts of those within our industry and their battles to keep businesses ticking. Trade association leaders, laundries, drycleaners, equipment suppliers and engineers have revealed their experiences. Now we turn to ‘the techies’ [...]

Giving it large

Giving it large We’ve often heard that ‘big is best’. Of course, how that is interpreted depends on your standpoint, but one thing is certain, large commercial washing machines are still around and there’s a reason for that; they’ve become much better in recent times – certainly [...]

Ozone washing removes all traces of COVID

University study shows JLA’s ozone washing system removes all traces of coronavirus Treating coronavirus-infected laundry with a professional ozone washing system could have major implications for the future of infection control, according to new research.The in-depth study carried out at De Montfort University in Leicester found that the [...]

Fresh new start

Fresh new start: Shirt machines A crisp, fresh shirt is a thing of joy for the wearer and the launderer keen to offer a top quality service that attracts repeat business. Many customers, and potential customers, who have been working from home are now starting to get [...]

Laundry Trade Associations

Trade Associations: The vital link Janice Raycroft speaks to our key associations who have proved to be a crucial support network to the industry during these recent difficult times. From poring through government advice and regulations – and lobbying those in power – to sharing information and [...]


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