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Calenders: Smoothing the way

Calenders: Smoothing the way Results, and good ones to boot, are the only thing that customers are really concerned with. Of course, cost, service and reliability are part of the equation, but ultimately, laundries need to produce clean garments on time. And a well specified calender machine [...]

Wetcleaning: The growth continues

Wetcleaning: the growth continues In this time of increasing environmental concerns the wetcleaning option continues to grow and impress. A process that was in its infancy 30 years ago is now mainstream, with traditional drycleaners complementing their existing operation with a wetcleaning offering and new start ups [...]

Making the most of an in-house laundry

Making the most of an in-house laundry Jean Anderson reports An OPL – or on premise laundry – may not be for every business but for many it is the perfect solution for keeping full and flexible control of laundry needs. Many hospitality sector [...]

Enjoy the glide

Enjoy the glide The smooth, efficient running of a modern calender ironer will help to keep productivity high and operating costs to the minimum. It will also get you ‘looks like new’ compliments from happy customers for whom receiving back flatwork such as bed linen and [...]

In Focus: About Chris Foulkes

In Focus: About Chris Foulkes About Chris Foulkes Chris Foulkes was recently recognised for all he has contributed to the industry with the LADAs 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award. Chris was born in 1949 into a family of launderers at a time of austerity and shortage of many [...]

The drying game

Tumble dryers - The drying game Spiralling energy charges have put everyone in a spin, and for those in our industry, making savings on the price of powering up and running equipment has become the number one imperative. One of the most obvious signs of [...]

Solving the possible

Solving the possible: Chemicals and solvents Adam Bernstein reports Laundries and cleaning operations need chemicals and solvents to operate, whether wet or drycleaning. And with rising prices and demand for more ecological products laundry consumables are under the spotlight like never before. Of course, [...]

A greener future

A greener future in laundry Jan Raycroft reports on how some of industry’s leading businesses are adapting and innovating to achieve their sustainability goals When operations director Steve Pearce and finance chief Ed Eckhard returned to Jackson Workwear Rental in Lincoln from the TSA [...]


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