DryStream open for business

DryStream threw open its doors in mid-November and welcomed local drycleaners to its first open day at the company’s new showroom in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Having outgrown its Barnet premises (the company’s home for the last 20 years) the new facility allows DryStream to expand its product lines and customer service operations.

As one of the UK’s leading developers and suppliers of electronic point of sale (EPoS) systems for drycleaners and launderers, DryStream systems replace drycleaner’s tills and ticket books and are proven to help owners improve their businesses.

DryStream has installed a high speed internet backbone into the new building, expanded its preparation and technical support department and increased its capacity for software development. The new resources allow an increase in production, better technical support and the ability to develop and create new exciting products for the industry.

There’s also a new showroom where customers can visit to enjoy a relaxed demonstration of the growing range of DryStream’s EPoS and connected security products, try systems for themselves and discuss individual needs with experienced IT professionals who, after 20 years in the business, understand drycleaning, laundry and retails operations.

“The extra space at St Albans allows us to increase output and develop new technology for new and existing customers. This will ensure DryStream continues to offer the best products in its class and remain the leading EPoS supplier for drycleaners and launderers” says DryStream’s managing director Jon Beach. “While the UK is our main marketplace, we’re also expanding export orders to Africa and the Middle East so the extra capacity we now have will help us to achieve that,” he adds.

The open day gave drycleaners the opportunity to see the new premises, enjoy locally prepared food and drinks and discuss their business needs with DryStream’s team of industry experts. “I’m delighted that the new products we revealed together with some special offers on the day enticed most visitors to take advantage of either upgrading existing systems or placing orders for new ones,” says DryStream’s area account manager, Terry Stover.

DryStream’s head of technical services, Daniel Wright, explains: “We were delighted to welcome new customers wanting to step into EPoS for the first time and catch up with existing customers, some replacing systems after 10 years of faithful service. Everyone will take advantage of the new developments that have been added to DryStream over all those years.”

Attendees saw the new DryStream product line up for 2015 and were first in line for some of the new products that were unveiled on the day.

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