The keys to success for Brightwell Dispensers

In a nutshell Brightwell Dispensers Ltd is a global designer and manufacturer of advanced and innovative dispensing and chemical dosing systems. Created in 1947, the company started as a manufacturer of industrial paste dispensers for hand washing and protection in production areas. Brightwell quickly expanded its washroom range to include commercial washroom accessories, and then in the 1970s introduced dispensers and dosing systems for other commercial environments. Throughout the years, it gained a strong reputation in the laundry sector as a reliable provider and partner for washing machine manufacturers and chemical manufacturers worldwide.

Based in Newhaven, UK, Brightwell Dispensers has always been proud to be a successful family business driven by strong values: customer focus, innovative design, high quality and reinvestment of profits. These values act as pillars to the business, with retention of its headquarters, innovation centre and primary manufacturing facilities in the UK and an emphasis on innovation and quality. Brightwell places such importance on quality that the management team will not hesitate to fly an entire production assembly machines from the Far East, where certain parts of the washroom dispensers were put together, to the production facilities in the UK, to gain full control over quality and lead times to help achieve full customer satisfaction.

A couple of dates

Back in the late 1980s, the owners of Brightwell founded a partnership with sister company Ferryfield Mouldings, which specialised in plastic injection moulding. Brightwell and Ferryfield were already working closely together for the production part of the business, and this union made their business relationships even stronger, giving Brightwell the certainty of quality over every single part of plastic made for their products.

This relationship continued until 2011, when the owners of Brightwell bought two other long-standing suppliers; specialist mould makers Modern Moulds & Tools Ltd and highly versatile injection plastic moulders Whistle Stop Plastics Ltd. Brightwell’s design- engineering team became a company of its own, namely Bright Innovations Ltd, and all these businesses were incorporated into Bright-Tech Investments, still owned by the same family.

The co-operation of these companies allows end-to-end design, manufacturing and distribution, including integrated quality control programmes. The restructuring demanded a challenging yet beneficial process of change management throughout all departments and across all companies, ensuring smooth communication, production and quality.

Brightwell and Brightwell Inc

Backed by a highly skilled, technical sales team, Brightwell now exports to 85 countries, supported by a network of exclusive distributors and strong commercial partnerships on all continents. The Brightwell product range covers all hygiene environments, with particular emphasis on OPL and industrial laundries, as well as other areas of the hygiene industry.

With the increase of sales in the USA, Brightwell opened a US-branch in Kansas in 2011, headed by a highly experienced member of the sales and design engineering team. Also a family business, Brightwell Dispensers Inc is responsible for the growth of the Brightwell group in North America. Its premises in Lenaxa, KS, offer fully-equipped training facilities, chemical testing laboratories, a warehouse and a distribution centre to cater for customer needs.

As an active member of an ever changing industry, Brightwell Dispensers remains forward-thinking and continues to design new products despite the great success of existing ones. Always a step ahead, the company ensures its electronic dosing systems remain the most advanced in the industry. In house design and manufacturing, coupled with quality control during the entire product development and production process, enable Brightwell Dispensers to offer a quick, flexible service while ensuring product excellence.

A few of Brightwell’s core pillars

Innovative design – All products are designed in house by the team of mechanical and electronic engineers. Thanks to their skills and excellent track record, 36 international patents are owned. These include the double pump-head configuration which was introduced in the early 1990s on Brightwell’s first laundry dosing pumps. Using the latest design software, specialists develop some of the most advanced and reliable electronics and apply their features to the laundry pumps.

This engineering expertise can amend existing ranges or design a bespoke system to customer specification, which can then be sold under their own brand. Customers collaborate directly with a dedicated team of engineers to create a dosing system that matches their technical and branding requirements.

Lean Manufacturing – 95 per cent of equipment is manufactured in production facilities across the companies of the Bright-Tech group. As part of their production strategy and thorough quality insurance, they use the latest generation of intelligent injection moulding machines to form all the plastic parts of product ranges, with modern robotics and semi- automatic assembly to assist experienced production staff. With an efficient lean manufacturing set-up, they are able to minimise stock-holding and handling, helping to provide a competitive product offer to customers while guaranteeing the highest level of quality available.

High Quality – Brightwell Dispensers has gained international reputation for the quality of their dosing systems Going much further than ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, providing high quality products is part of the company’s culture and a key point in their strategy to stand above competition and truly connect with customers. In house quality tests are conducted throughout the production process. The first round takes place within the design stage, where prototypes are used to carry out thorough real life examinations. In production, component samples from each batch are steadily measured against the approved models to ensure that every product is up to standard. Products are also thoroughly tested within fully- equipped laboratories, where a team of experts carry out continuous pumping tests to analyse and maximise the life expectancy of every product.

Taking you through Brightwell’s Laundry ranges

Since its first laundry pump introduced in the early 1990s, Brightwell has consistently improved on quality and simplicity of operation and maintenance across all laundry dosing systems and accessories.

Brightwell’s first ever laundry pump, Brightstaltic, was introduced with a feature that revolutionised the industry: a clever reversible gearbox enabled two products to be supplied on a double pump-head, using just one motor. Apart from keeping costs low, this reduced the unit’s footprint on the wall, a very sensitive point on the laundry market, especially in OPL environments where the use of wall space remains critical.

In 1996, BrightStar was introduced as the successor to Brightstaltic. This new range demonstrated some innovations of its own; a new signalling format allowed for clearer and quicker communication between the machine and the dosing system, computer software was included in the package free of charge enabling programming and chemical reporting.

BrightLogic is Brightwell’s latest range and continues to enjoy global success. Successful BrightStar features were carried over together with extra engineering to offer a comprehensive, high quality system to the market. Simple, as well as advanced, on-unit programming options together with wireless programming and reporting, make the units very versatile and user friendly. Customers can build their own dosing equipment to match their laundry environment, using add on modules and a full range of useful accessories on a quick plug-and-play basis. Brushless DC motors with speed control guarantee a long unit life, while Brightwell’s standard two year warranty gives peace of mind. Brightwell also unifies components across the range to minimise spares and simplify stockholding for customers.

Brightwell’s laundry dosing systems were based on peristaltic pumps until a few months ago, when the range welcomed a new addition to the BrightLogic family: the BrightLogic membrane pump. It is built in such a way that customers can add or upgrade their existing BrightLogic installation with a membrane pump, mixing and matching any high/low flow pumps and accessories in the range.

Brightwell offers full technical support, including expert advice on the best suited system for each environment, free technical training sessions, trouble-shooting videos and a comprehensive after-sales technical service. Brightwell also offers a free chemical compatibility test to help identify the right component materials to match customers’ chemicals. All units can be branded to the customer’s company name to ensure the highest visibility.

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