A match made in heaven

Taitlands is a beautiful grade II listed country house in the village of Stainforth, South Yorkshire. The owner, Emma Milligan, runs the estate as a luxury wedding and events venue. They hold 30 weddings a year and numerous other functions such as dances and dinners for local clubs and fundraising events for the village. Emma and her team rely on their Miele Professional products to ensure that all of their linen remains in pristine condition to reflect the luxury standard of the establishment.

The first time Milligan encountered the market leading German brand was in 1981 when her neighbours, who were emigrating to South Africa, handed down a 21 year old Miele domestic dishwasher to her. She couldn’t believe the durability of the machine – it was in perfect working condition when she received it and continued to operate without a single issue for the six years she stayed at the house.

Milligan returned to the brand when choosing professional appliances for her business, Taitlands. She even factored purchasing Miele Professional products into the budget from the outset. She explains: “We knew that we wanted quality... and the kind of reliability that Miele Professional brings. It is important to invest in the right thing at the right time.”

When setting up her business, Milligan knew that it was going to be necessary to install a full on site laundry. At Taitlands at least 30 tablecloths and 120 napkins are processed each weekend. Emma purchased two PW6065 washing machines, two PT7136 tumble dryers and one HM21- 140 electronic ironer from Miele Professional. She was not disappointed with her purchases, reflecting: “Miele Professional products are a serious investment but they are just amazing! Once everything was up and running we looked at each other and said “Oh my, how did we ever survive without them?!” They are just fabulous and they look marvellous too. I mean the ironing machine – can you believe such a thing? Just a dream.”

Milligan says that the Miele Professional products have brought reliability and peace of mind to her business, adding: “The after sales support was really very impressive. I’ve nev

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