DURABILITY, ECONOMY, FLEXIBILITY - Electrolux Professional launches Line 5000

Electrolux recently announced the global launch of its Line 5000 series of washer-extractors and tumble dryers, designed to meet the needs of the professional laundry business.

The Evolution range, launched in 1980, had continued to develop with the last major step change some 12 years ago. Since then innovations had been much copied and the differences between it and its competitors, eroded. The launch of the new Line 5000 is designed to clearly differentiate Electrolux’s offering to the textile care industry.

Following an intensive R & D programme, the new Line 5000 range has been developed with contributions from laundry professionals whose insights and know-how helped drive improvements in product mechanics, ergonomics and design. Special attention has been given to the particular challenges faced by professionals including service technicians, laundry managers, detergent suppliers, contractors and of course, users and operators.

Line 5000’s washerextractors and tumble dryers all combine technology with green thinking and cost reducing features. They are made to be 95 per cent recyclable and the company says they are built to respect the environment at every point of production and usage. The company is keen to point out that all Electrolux factories are ISO 14001- certified and all Electrolux Professional products are RoHS compliant, while the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index named Electrolux the leader in the Durable Household Products category in 2012.

Line 5000 offers benefits and improvements in three crucial areas for professional clients: durability, enhanced economy, and flexibility.

Line 5000 washers and dryers are built to last longer with a solid, sturdy frame, its heavy-duty components need less maintenance and are optimised for all kinds of operations and environments. The construction of the steel doors, with hinges set wide apart delivers a better life expectancy for the machine.

A brand new feature for washer-extractors is Power Balance, Electrolux Professional’s unbalance detection system. Power Balance allows the wash cycles to have the maximum amount of dewatering by adjusting the G force throughout the entire extraction. This means optimum stability, with quieter, faster operations. Due to more efficient water extraction, drying costs are reduced. And a better balanced drum means less wear and tear on the machine, prolonging its lifetime.

Line 5000 uses less water and energy for wash and dry cycles. The automatic saving system for washers adjusts the water level to the weight of the laundry, meaning up to 50 per cent in water savings for half loads, as well as energy savings due to less water to heat. The residual moisture control for dryers measures the exact moisture content throughout the process, ensuring energy savings due to shorter drying time. And the efficient dosing system, an easy-to-use, automatic calculation of the appropriate detergent amount, means that your laundry will have the highest quality results while still protecting your skin during usage. Ideally combined with automatic saving system, the efficient dosing system can add up to 50 per cent savings in running costs.

Line 5000’s tumble dryers have been designed with new door handles, magnetic locks and a new range of horizontal lint filters, making it one of the easiest and the only horizontal filter solution available in the market today says the company. Serviceability has been improved with access via the front of the machine and a universal USB connecter. They also have the ability to top vent.

Electrolux claim that the Compass Pro® interface is one of the most intuitive on the market. Indeed, at the launch it was described as ‘the best thing they had done in years’. Simple and easy to use, available in 18 languages, Compass Pro® is the intelligence inside Line 5000 that enables Electrolux to provide individual solutions for every kind of laundry business, offering up to 55 programmes, of which 15 are programmable. It combines with the Certus Management™ Information System (CMIS) and is a highly valued process monitoring system allowing users to control and document all operations to achieve ultimate hygiene and cleanliness. The Compass Pro® interface also features a USB port to facilitate installation of the latest software updates.

More flexibility is provided with Triangle Technology, incorporating economy, performance/ care and time, depending on customer needs. Triangle Technology guarantees the best washing and drying results for all types of textiles, offering cost savings for medium soiled garments, faster time cycles for lightly soiled garments and top results for tough stains. Other unique, user-friendly features include Braille buttons, voice guidance to guide the entire washing and drying process, and multi-language selections.

Electrolux currently has 25 existing barrier laundry sites in the UK and its range is divided into the Pocket, Evolution and Pullman models. The 18-35kg range has been extended and updated, with the 18kg now a true pass through machine. The Pocket continues to offer a 90˚ construction. The company announced that the Pocket range would benefit from a price reduction in the 15-25 per cent range in the near future.

The new Evolution range builds on the best features of the Pullman range, in terms of reliability and ergonomics. The company says it represents a new era of hygiene with guaranteed linen safety and ultimate control of laundry management. Taking the industrial concept, it benefits from particularly robust construction and the poly-vbelt gives very quiet operation, while the machines are compact to offer more flexibility in layout design. The top panel access makes servicing easier in situ. One particularly important feature carried over from the Pullman series is the automatic inner drum positioning, to ensure the inner drum is always in the correct place for loading or unloading before opening the door. The outer door itself opens to 175˚ to facilitate loading and unloading, allowing two operators to work side by side if required.

The Compass Pro feature is available in all Evolution machines, with double displays to reduce movement between the clean and dirty sides of barrier laundry systems. They also feature the Hygiene Watchdog feature which means if the programme is fast forwarded, only the dirty door will open.

The introduction of a real time clock allows for delayed processing, which will allow an extra load to be programmed into the start of a day’s operations, offering improved efficiency or capacity.

As for the sizing, the Line 5000 range contains washerextractor models starting at a weight capacity of 6 kg/13lb and going up to 60 kg/135lb, while the tumble dryer capacities range from 13kg/30 lb to 37.5 kg/82.7lb.

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