Vega UK launch Vega washing technology line-up

Broadbent Laundry Systems has a long tradition of serving the UK industrial laundry market, providing systems and support for a range of wellrespected suppliers. Recent years have been fairly turbulent for most people in the industry. Broadbent too had to dig deep to maintain customer confidence during the period between the demise and re-emergence of their principle supplier. The climate has improved since, but recent events such as the loss of Cherry Tree, suggest the market is still fragile.

Throughout the recession, the main success story for Broadbent has been the growth of the Vega brand. Despite the downturn, they have continued to see year on year growth of the product line as the reputation expands and attracts increased interest from clients in the UK. In order to capitalise on the success and to cement a relationship which has been in place since 2001, the boards at Broadbent and Vega Systems BV have taken the decision to launch a new company Vega Systems UK Ltd. This company will focus on the Vega Systems range and present a complete portfolio of industrial laundry products to the UK market.

Vega Systems BV recently acquired an established manufacturer in Germany producing a range of continuous tunnel washers, presses and system dryers with existing reference installations around the world. A significant amount of development has taken place in the past 18 months to re-design and re-brand the washing systems to introduce several unique features and innovations which will position this equipment at the top of the current crop of European supplied machinery.

Vega Systems has grown year on year under the stewardship of managing director Ad van Geffen, whose business achievements were recognised in 2012 with a regional Entrepreneur of the Year award. Vega has a clear strategy of providing innovation and value and has developed a product range in conjunction with dealers and customers which is very flexible and can be bespoke to the clients’ individual requirements. Vega Systems has disposed of some other subsidiary businesses and decided to focus completely on growth of the core industrial laundry business.

Broadbent has been impressed by van Geffen’s vision for his company, as well as the acquisitions and successful product developments and has taken the decision to become part of the Vega Systems family. Vega Systems UK will capitalise on the knowledge and experience gained from the Broadbent legacy, combined with the new and compelling features of the Vega range.

The Vega SmartLine continuous tunnel washer series feature a number of innovations which when combined make a convincing argument for their use in any application. The range covers batch sizes from 40kg up to 100kg and the design of the drum, the drivetrain and baseframe have been completely reengineered by Vega Systems. The drum of the CTW is fabricated in modular compartments; the design is completely flexible according to the wishes of the customer. Once fabricated, the drum is finished as ‘one piece’ on a massive machining centre to ensure the driving and sealing surfaces are completely concentric and true to each other; this ensures long-life sealing and effective isolation of baths. The compartment design provides a true lift-n-drop action, which in combination with the turbulence from the unique steam injection method ensures a really effective wash action. By selecting the ‘Blue Efficiency’ package, clients are guaranteed a number of features which ensure their machine will be as frugal as possible with water, steam and chemicals. The control systems monitor the recovery of water inside the machine and the waterflow design ensures as much as possible is re-used.

The Vega SmartDry DT system dryers complement the SmartLine tunnel. From the same factory in Germany, they share the build quality and attention to detail with their counterparts on the washing side. The dryers provide a double insulated construction to prevent radiated heat losses and a unique burner arrangement which allows fresh air and recirculating air to pass the heat source on all sides, guaranteeing efficient mixing of the burner energy with the drying airflow. Clever design and component placing allows the smaller dryers to be fitted side by side for a minimum footprint in the laundry. The large dryers have a similar design which allows them to be coupled in pairs to save on space.

The Vega SmartPress RP has a unique design which sets it apart from competing manufacturers. The design had eschewed the conventional ‘four column’ arrangement in favour of a onepiece, solid frame which has to be seen to be appreciated. Free of the couplings and joints which take the strain on most other designs, the massive frame provides a robust structure to deliver years of trouble-free operation. The frame is constructed from a single piece of solid plate, the properties of which are certified and traceable. The supplier of the frame components is a specialist manufacturer for heavy duty, high pressure applications; everything has been stress analysed to ensure Vega has an optimised design. As well as being incredibly strong, the SmartPress is fast. The high speed hydraulics and high precision encoder positioning ensure when it is working, it is working hard, and when it is not pressing it is moving as quickly as possible to be ready for the next load.

Vega Systems UK is planning to visit existing customers over the coming months with more information on this exciting range of washing technology. They believe it offers clients unique benefits. The new SmartLine washing range further enhances the collection of Vega Systems products making the company a credible whole-line supplier. Development continues at the same time on the finishing equipment at the headquarters in the Netherlands. The new Transfeed-S is testament to Vega’s commitment to bringing new machinery to the market. Filling the gap between the superfast TransFeed and the quality oriented SelectFeed; the Transfeed-S has started to sell in advance of its unveiling in New Orleans. Vega Systems has a full range of folding machinery to complement the feeders including VegaFold for sheets and duvets, the VegaFold APM when presentation is critical and multilane small-piece solutions with various, collecting, stacking and folding options.

Vega Systems has had a lot of success by co-operating with smaller clients and showing them the benefit of automation, by sharing layout ideas, equipment concepts and designing for the future. As those laundries flourish, Vega continues to support them. Vega has developed a full range of conveyors and internal logistics packages. Experience allows them to provide solutions to move and store batches, to remove doublehandling and to track productivity. For example the Vega Picker sheet separator, in combination with delivery conveyors, significantly increases productivity on large-piece feeding lines. Vega Systems UK has experience on every industrial application and can share their knowledge with the Vega distributor network and visaversa. They draw on a huge library of model layouts from around Europe and the rest of the world where Vega equipment has been tested and proven. Most of Vega’s developments are done in conjunction with customers; once trials are successful, the solutions are available in the product line for future projects.

Vega Systems UK is a new company, with a new productline, but an experienced old head. The new Vega TransFeed-4S will be unveiled at the Clean Show, New Orleans They are aiming to challenge the established order and bring the benefits of the Vega Systems product range to the UK and Ireland. Vega Systems UK will continue to use the aftersales service provided by the Broadbent Group and existing customers will not see any change to their existing service agreements or the standard of support. The Broadbent Group will continue to support all of the existing Lavatec customers with parts and expertise and have arrangements in place to continue to supply OEM parts from Lavatec Germany.

Anyone wishing to see the full Vega Systems range can visit booth 5043 at the Clean Show in New Orleans.

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