Kannegiesser owner cuts the cake at new UK headquarters

 The two-year search for suitable office and manufacturing space to replace the overflowing accommodation, previously occupied in central Banbury, finally ended with the move of the Supertrack manufacturing base from Kendal and the transfer of the majority of the UK administrative staff to the new site in Beaumont Road, Banbury.

Kannegiesser laundry design and sales staff, the full Supertrack contingent comprising project design, sales and support staff, the service support and engineering base and the accounting and HR functions are all now in situ in the 45,000 square foot building. The Revolution continuous roller towel manufacturing remains at the existing Kendal base of the company, where a good deal of local skill and expertise relevant to the particular demands of this machine are concentrated.

Martin Kannegiesser, owner of the worldwide Kannegiesser organisation toured the new building and expressed his delight at the excellent facilities that are now offered to all staff and to the efficient layout of each part of the unit.

He commented: “This new building demonstrates the significant success which our UK company has achieved in the past few years of intensive sales activity which has seen great progress in delivering the Kannegiesser range of productive and energy efficient laundry processing machinery and systems into the United Kingdom market.

“The move to Beaumont Road comes at a particular moment when the Kannegiesser company is achieving similar successful growth in our markets around the world. Banbury is an exceptionally good location for Kannegiesser as it is at the centre of a very strong concentration of manufacturing companies. These specialist businesses are in sophisticated engineering and electronic industries, as well as in the critical discipline of advanced software development. Banbury is also within easy reach of several high quality research centres and universities in this part of England. All this expertise means that we can develop our Supertrack business with the knowledge that there is a locally available supply of talent around Banbury. It is this strong skills base that encouraged us to make our investment in Banbury for Supertrack manufacturing and the alternative proposal of moving the manufacture to any other Kannegiesser location was never a serious option.

“Similarly we chose to keep the manufacturing of the Revolution continuous roller towel machine in Kendal because we have built a strong core of manufacturing and design expertise in that part of England and to move manufacturing away from that skill base would not have been either sensible or economic for the Kannegiesser business. As a company we believe that our people are our most important asset and the success which we have had with Supertrack worldwide, as well as our very significant success in building a very strong laundry technology customer base in the UK, demonstrates that our commitment to our staff is repaid with good success in the marketplace.

“Kannegiesser has been in business in the UK for many years and this new building in Banbury is a continuing reminder that we have been able to create a strong business with very good customer relations that have enabled our growth to reflect our design expertise and our manufacturing skill. We have continuously invested in our design ability and the sales success which has resulted from this investment has enabled us to concentrate our UK operations in this excellent facility in Banbury.”

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