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Ross Weir, managing director of HJ Weir, considers the Laco ironer range “the most complete range in the market,” adding, “if you are a small unit shop or a large industrial laundry, there is a machine for you here.”

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Laco’s range features roll diameters from 370mm to 1200mm. The larger diameters are offered as one, two or even three roll systems. Says Weir, “Laco have the pedigree developed over decades of continuous improvement. 

Ergonomically they are one of the smallest footprint ironers that exist and this is a major benefit to the smaller business where space is always an issue.” The smaller of the Laco ironers start with the return feed M370-M500 range, but these ironer sizes are also available in pass through with the D370- D500 offered with gas, steam, or electrically heated options.

LACO ironer HJ Weir machinery feeder folder
Feeding fitted sheets into a Laco King 800 (gas) single roll ironer with the Weir Foldmaker 55 ready to fold them.

The return feed systems can be supplied with feeding and folding options built in with up to three primary and three cross folds. The 500mm to 1200mm diameter gas and electric options are offered with the Air-Stream high capacity ventilated chest. 

Weir says this design increases capacity by up to 25 per cent, allowing clothing to lose moisture faster. The multi-roll gas ironers have one gas burner per roll “allowing for fine tuning of temperature control and this leads to best in class quality finishing.” Laco ironers of 800mm and above come with a 206-degree coverage of the roll (reputedly 15 per cent more than standard ironers), while the K800 is designed with a 278-degree coverage, 55 per cent more than standard ironers according to Weir. 

“The Air-Stream is the most efficient single roll ironer on the market,” says Weir. “It has a very small footprint but a large ironer output. This machine is ideal for the smaller commercial laundry giving them, for the first time, real ‘industrial’ ironing power but without any quality sacrifice.” All machines are programmable logic controlled and inverter driven.

LACO ironer review

HJ WEIR Engineering is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flatwork finishing equipment. and have been providing separating, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking solutions globally for over 55 years. New to its range in 2016 is an exclusive range of flatwork ironers. Popular machines such as the Autoprep, Vacfeed and Foldmaker range are ideal products when processing Sheets, Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases, Table Linen, Napkins, Towels and Blankets. Our many years of experience coupled with innovative design and one of the most advanced yet simple control system makes us an unrivaled leader for the industrial and commercial laundry sector.

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