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Working with the care sector to tackle the threat of laundry disease and infections. Take control of your laundry.

Electrolux Professional are dedicated to reducing disease and infections in the care and health sector, and we are continually researching, designing and manufacturing laundry equipment to tackle the problem more efficiently.

However, although using the best equipment available is a primary factor, following the correct procedures is vital. Good hygiene practice in your laundry is key to reducing the risk of diseases and the devastating effects they can cause.

infection prevention whitepaper from Elextrolux Professional UK
Open and download the Infection Prevention Whitepaper.

Infection Prevention, the white paper from Electrolux Professional, details the collective attitudes of care workers from both the public and private sectors towards how cleanliness and hygiene are managed through their laundry processes.

Click here to read the Infection Prevention Whitepaper from Elextrolux Professional and be sure to download it (Find the download button in the top right hand corner of the linked report).

Care Home Laundry Tutorial:

To discover more, head to the Electrolux Professional website for more information on infection prevention and laundry cycle management.

Electrolux partner the LADAs 2017 and LCT CleanEx 2018.

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