Saudi Airlines Catering Company trusts in Jensen technology

The largest industrial laundry in Saudi Arabia has been built by the Saudi Airlines Catering Company (SACC). Working together with the Jensen Group, a leading supplier to the heavy duty laundry industry, the new laundry brings the latest technology and international standards to what is still an emerging market in the Kingdom.

The 8,000sqm industrial laundry has a washing capacity of 45 tons of linen per day and is located in the industrial zone of King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) - the mega city project north of Jeddah. This is the second industrial unit for SACC who also operate a 20 tons/day unit in Riyadh offering laundry services to hotels, airlines, healthcare and industrial companies.

Versatile laundry technology

The large scale laundry has been fitted out with two Senking Universal P50-12 tunnel washers. These are a very ecological solution as they reuse energy and water internally – highly suitable for an area like Saudi Arabia where water is scarce.

The machines are capable of a combined 2,160kg per hour based on a 30 minute wash time. They boast complete load separation throughout the entire system, making it very versatile for washing loads with different colours, increasing the capacity and reducing energy consumption. In addition, the patented rinse process also reduces water consumption by up to 10 per cent.

The same characteristics are evident in the two highperformance water extraction presses Senking SEP50 Plus with the patented TopDrain System. This closed drainage system of stainless steel is mounted on the base plate, which is made of a solid steel block and is provided with a durable anti-corrosive. The extracted liquid is fed into the rinse process of the tunnel washer without the use of any intermediate buffer tanks. Standing water is avoided, and outstanding hygiene is guaranteed.

The laundry also features nine batch transfer drying tumblers (seven Jensen Senking DT60 and two DT120s) and a CB1000 cake breaker to complete the washroom area. The two DT120s are equipped with Vacutrans. This is a vacuum loading system that speeds up the production flow between the machines, increasing the productivity and making optimal use of available space.

In a nutshell, this is what sustainable laundry automation is all about: Increasing the productivity by synchronising the product flow within the laundry while simultaneously reducing the resources used. Together with the project team of SACC, Jensen has succeeded in designing a modern laundry that will be able to cope with the requirements of today as well as tomorrow.

The finishing touch

There are three high performance ironer lines in charge of adding a finishing touch to all flat linen, with a wide range of material and sizes. The feeding machines as well as the folding/stacking machines have been adapted to the specific needs of each category. At the centre of each line, a Jenroll EXP12 with two rolls has been installed which makes efficient use of the evaporation capacity and guarantees a top-quality finish.

The key to optimal heat transfer is a turbulent steam flow inside the steam distribution channels, combined with a flexible chest made of carbon steel. The turbulent steam flow flushes condensation away from the surface, ensuring that no insulation water film arises, while carbon steel gives optimum thermal conduction and low friction with wet linen. The flexible chest adapts to the roll like a band-brake. Full contact is maintained, resulting in a higher capacity compared to the fixed chest of a traditional ironer.

All Jensen finishing lines are designed and built according to their philosophy that the entire line should form one single system - easy to install, easy to control, easy to maintain, easy and safe to operate.

Items that cannot be ironed are folded on three small piece folders: two Jenfold Tematic Pro - predominantly terry towels and a Jenfold Blanket for the blankets that are offered to guests on long-haul flights.

Pro-fashional garment finishing

The garments are transported from the washroom section into a tunnel finisher via the automated conveyor system for garment handling, the Jensen Metricon. A Metricon conveyor system has been customised to individual customer requirements and built to offer optimal solutions. A unique system for buffer accumulation of garments (that can also be placed under the ceiling of a laundry to make best use of the available space) further ensures synchronisation between the various workstations.

The computer control system can be designed to control all movements and handles the sorting of garments by delivery route, account, customer, size, locker bank and wearer. This will ensure that there will be no mix up of the garments of the cabin crew working for Saudi Airlines and those working for other airlines utilising the same linen services from SACC.

The Jenform Omega Pro tunnel finisher guarantees top quality finishing of garments. The conveying system has been based on the Greek 'Ω’ sign. This simple and simultaneously ingenious solution considerably decreases the processing time.

The drying zone and the air circulation system have been noise-insulated, and the thermal insulation minimises the heat loss. The air from the drying zones and outlet zone is recirculated into the inlet zone: Incoming garments are heated up in the inlet zone using recirculated hot air. The exhaust air is reduced to a minimum. Once finished, the garments are folded and stacked in a Jenfold Butterfly Fox, a high performance automatic folding machine. This versatile, highly reliable system is capable of processing up to 1,000 garments per hour.

OTC - from Offer to Commissioning

Complex projects of this size require more than merely lining up highly productive laundry machines. The project team at SACC teamed up with local laundry experts from Jensen and applied OTC (Offer to Commissioning) principles to manage the project from the initial idea to the final layout of the laundry.

The OTC process is an aligned way of managing large and complex projects within the Jensen Group, a common approach that is applied to all international key accounts. Laundry managers highly appreciate the OTC process that comprises clearly defined key deliverables and supporting templates for each phase of the project.

 SACC serves Saudi Arabian Airlines as well as a number of foreign airlines with onboard catering services for flights operating from airports based all over the Kingdom. The company also offer catering and housekeeping services to nonairline businesses including factories, schools, hospitals and travel agencies taking care of pilgrims that visit the Kingdom during Umrah and Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimages to Mecca.

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