New report reveals the future of professional textile care

The Power of Water is an authoritative study published by Electrolux Professional, which details how, as busy customers’ habits change in line with fast-moving trends, cleaning businesses are also being forced to comply with challenging sustainability regulations. The combination of these two scenarios creates a need for greener, quicker, and more reliable service.

  Leon Wennekes, area manager at the International Committee of Professional Textile Care (CINET) commented, “The quality evaluation of practical wetcleaning systems in the CINET Solvetex IV study (2014), concluded that the overall cleaning performance of wetcleaning is good. The development of professional wetcleaning fits perfectly with developments within the textile industry as well as consumer habits.

“At CINET we feel the development of professional wetcleaning is perfectly in line with the developments within the textile industry and consumer habits. More and more the market will demand a total problem solver in textile care, a ‘one-stop-shop concept’, and in this respect it is a perfect add-on to the product portfolio of a professional textile cleaning company.”

The report explores the huge opportunity drycleaners have to exploit the advantages of wetcleaning. With perc still the most common solvent, used by 61 per cent of the global market, the white paper stresses the need for those working within the industry to explore more sustainable and cost-effective alternatives.

  The Power of Water also shines the spotlight on two leading European cleaning businesses and explores how they are already taking advantage of the next generation of professional garment care.

The result is a definitive outline of how new and pioneering wetcleaning solutions can prove to be a real game-changer for cleaning businesses of all shapes and sizes thanks to the perfect combination of quality, sustainability, and productivity.

Michael Williams, lagoon® specialist trainer at Electrolux Professional added, “Each day millions of people rely on the services of professional drycleaners. Yet, as the demand for professional textile care continues to evolve, the onus is very much on cleaning businesses to find sustainable ways they can deliver the same high quality, highly efficient results.

“This report dives into the future of professional textile care, and investigates how advanced innovation is set to change the face of the industry for generations to come.”

To download a copy of Electrolux Professional’s report, The Power of Water: a clean start for the textile care industry, visit

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