A unique support and comparison site for the drycleaning and laundry industry... but with a business model that is the best for both vendors and purchasers alike...

Internet users will no doubt be very familiar with the glossy, TV-advertised ecommerce websites for everything from insurance, travel and holidays to finance, utilities and cars. In fact, no matter what you want to buy or sell, there is sure to be a website out there.


Cleaners is a first of its kind exclusively designed and developed for the drycleaning and laundry industry. However, rather than being just a comparison site, it is more a professional support site with a comparison facility built in, all developed especially for the industry.

Cleaners Compare provides buyers with the opportunity to find the right supplier, machinery, parts, technical support and advice, as well as highlighting special deals and offers. Buyers can also place free public requests for a particular part, service or support they need. Buyers don’t have to check out multiple sites in the hope of finding the goods, service or support they want. It also avoids users having to identify price differentials on parts, machinery or consumables themselves in the vague hope they can find the best price.

 Many of the best known suppliers and recognised brands have already registered with Cleaners Compare, with more joining all the time.

Amir Shahzad (founder) from Cleaners Compare says: “I’ve been in the laundry and drycleaning business for over 15 years and I developed Cleaners Compare out of the sheer frustration I had in finding the right supplier for products, parts and machinery. As a buyer I was quite surprised to note given the trends of the day, I could not find anything online whereby all my drycleaning and laundry supply needs are met. It took me almost five years in my spare time to develop it from being an idea on paper to the site we launched recently. I also took advice from fellow industry associates as I developed it to ensure it would match the industry’s needs precisely.

“We were completely overwhelmed with the response when the website first went online in a somewhat restricted mode while undergoing further testing and improvements. I didn’t expect so many enquiries to arrive so quickly from Europe, the USA, Middle East, Africa and China. I think it’s a combination of being potentially the only one-stop shop for laundry and cleaning supplies, our low subscription-based model and the offering of personal advice that has provided the demand and our success. Users are undoubtedly impressed with the unique service offered by a website that could simply be just another comparison website, which ours most certainly is not.”

Payments for goods and services sourced through Cleaners Compare go to all suppliers directly. All financial transactions are handled directly by the suppliers. Cleaners Compare offers to its users subscription packages. They are divided into four different bandings that recognise their precise needs, whether they are large or small. These are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold-Plus to precisely match what customers are looking for.

The Silver Service is currently on offer for a free six-month trial period so users can fully assess the service that best suits them. Instead of a trial money-back period, the user is offered a genuine opportunity to try out the service at no cost or obligation.

The site’s search engine has been specially developed to cater exclusively for the drycleaning and laundry industry. Because Cleaners Compare is not just a comparison website, it doesn’t refer users away to third-party websites, operating as it does uniquely on the specific input of users and their requirements. It ensures that users will remain on the site without often annoying redirections to third-party sites requiring yet more time wasted with secondary registration.

With all this and more available Cleaners site is the ideal one-stop shop for all drycleaning and laundry needs, offering instant quotes from suppliers of goods, services and service engineers nationally and internationally. It is suitable for any sector that has a laundry and/or drycleaning need. As well as the best deals and offers available anywhere, users can also make product enquiries and place free wanted and service requests as well as offer vacancies.

To register your products and services or to seek support please visit, email or telephone 01702 597067.

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