Polymark continues drive to the future

Polymark (GB) Ltd based in Daventry, Northants, continues to excel in its chosen market sectors which are supplied with a variety of market-leading products, whose distribution by Polymark, has delivered continued success from partnerships with several key, industryleading customers. Now entering the 67th year since its foundation by Hans Meyer in 1948, which gave the British laundry market a universal temporary marking system for all laundry products, Polymark has broad international distribution businesses which deliver winning and effective product identity systems in marking and labelling and a high technology division which occupies a strong niche position in modern commercial laundries in the UK and Ireland.

Many corporate changes have been seen at Polymark in the intervening years and the company is now led and directed for the UK marketplace by Jim Clementson who has a continuing role with the Polymark Company in France where he is directeur géneral. Jim Clementson has been with Polymark since 2002, when he began as finance manager prior to his appointment to the group board in 2003.

With his wide management involvement in a variety of manufacturing businesses involved in plastics, flexible board packaging and high fashion footwear, Clementson continues to drive all sections of the business forward in the quest for high-specification class-leading products which will complement the existing channels of product distribution already established.

The Polymark division focusing on product identification has a highly regarded range of labelling systems which set the commercial pace in this highly competitive market sector. With products that offer unlimited options in colours, shapes and sizes, coupled with rapid ex-stock delivery from the extensive 18,000 square foot warehouse in Daventry, the range is supported by recently implemented ecommerce artwork production and transmission to and from the client and most products are available according to end user requirement as either embroidered or with metallic finished effects.

The Polymark labelling division markets its wide variety under three featured sections:

Ultra-Trans: represents and promotes the unrivalled and widely acknowledged Polymark skills in transfer technology with a product which offers all the features and benefits of digital technology developed to a very high standard in performance with photographic quality in its delivered state.

Ultra Print: is the innovative printing process coupled with automated computer-controlled cutting which allows the quality reproduction of almost any shape, size or image in small run numbers at extremely competitive prices per batch or run.

Ultra Tape: This is Polymark’s top quality range of thermally printable, fully fusible garment and flexible tapes, which when used or incorporated with inhouse printing systems, offers customers flexible and sophisticated identification solutions for a very wide variety of applications.

The market success of the Polymark garment and textile decoration division is accompanied by the equally successful and well-regarded performance of the industrial laundry systems division where, in a very competitive market, the penetration of niche markets has proceeded in the recent past at a very positive pace. The focus of this Polymark division currently run by Dennis Rutland and Stephen Foley, has been on the promotion, supply and support of highly individual, niche products which can be fitted, retro-fitted, or combined, inline, with other manufacturer’s systems, to provide significant performance improvement to the laundry client.

As Rutland says: “Not being tied to one turn-key manufacturer has a huge advantage for Polymark, which allows us to offer different machines for different customer applications. For example in the case of washer-extractors in the UK, we sell Milnor from America, TolkarSmartex, from Turkey and Sailstar from China. Each of these high performance machines has its own merits regarding capacity, cost, and energy consumption which give our customers the opportunity to choose the product which most suits their own processing requirements for their own application.”

“All washers-extractors in the Polymark range of advanced engineering laundry machines, are commissioned, installed and maintained for life, by the company’s own field service engineering maintenance team. With many models now widely installed and achieving their stated performance results, the Polymark range has achieved strong customer acceptance with their attractive combination of price with high performance.

“The Biko range of Swiss manufactured sheet feeders and folders, along with towel, blanket and garment folders are all part of the quality offering by Polymark and no discussion of the Polymark policy can fail to emphasise the performances achieved in operation by its historic association with the Mobics A1 Scanner system. The Mobics systems deliver a huge increase in output quality through their excellence in recording and identifying tears, marks and other blemishes on linen passing through the iron lines of any laundry plant.

“If we couple the above products together with, RFID solutions from Tagsys in France, roof fans from Hebetec in Germany and finally a new product in the Polymark range from ABZ Zierler in Austria that filters the water used in the CTWs and the washer-extractors, then one can see what a diverse range of niche products Polymark have in their portfolio.”

The story of Polymark began with a simple but very effective solution to a problem then caused the laundry industry huge problems. Since that date in 1948, succeeding generations of Polymark directors, have consistently sought out products which make a significant difference to the productive performance of their customers’ operations. In the current markets where Polymark continues to make a difference the driving force is still a concentration on delivered performance.

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