PERformance 40 – turning the vision into a new industry standard

In 2011, the first PERformance 40 installation started operation: washing and disinfecting at just 40°C right in a washing facility. Though sceptical at first, more and more customers became curious, then interested, and then they finally decided to test this unique innovation – with the result that they now regard it as essential to their operation. There are now more than 200 PERformance 40 installations in operation across Europe.

Ecolab’s PERformance® 40 is the latest development of its modularised PERformance® wash system. The patented technology enables laundries to produce outstanding wash results and allows disinfection in continous batch washers at only 40C. The system achieves the same high quality, hygienic results as linens previously washed at 60-80°C.

The combined savings achieved by the 200 laundries using the system is in the region of €18 million from savings of 31 million m3 of natural gas, 325 million kWh of energy and 1,620 million litres of water. CO2 emissions have been reduced by 16 million kg. More than 60 laundry facilities in Germany alone are experiencing this success too, which is inspiring even more enthusiasm. Outside of Europe, the positive results and benefits are spreading. Ecolab now receives enquiries from around the globe including Canada, Dubai, the USA and China, making PERformance 40 a worldwide success.

Why is PERformance 40 so successful?

Quality and PERformance 40 go hand in hand. This is confirmed by the results of a European survey in which quality was at the top of the list. The survey question was very simple: “What do you associate with the PERformance 40 system?” One laundry facility in Germany, which has been using it since the very beginning, gave this response: “Since we have been using PERformance 40, we have experienced many positive changes. The extremely high degree of whiteness, outstanding finish quality and perfect hygienic results far exceeded our expectations. Our customers are also highly satisfied with the final result.”

Of course, in addition to these very good results, energy savings are also a very large factor here. With the lower process temperature and the elimination of spray steam in the finish area, many laundry facilities were able to improve water and energy costs significantly – in some cases by up to 30 per cent.

Quality and energy savings are the very highest priorities with PERformance 40. Low process temperatures and outstanding finish quality without the addition of spray steam have a positive effect on energy-related costs. An extremely high degree of whiteness, fresh and vibrant colours over long textile cycles and less textile damage ensure perfect quality.

The disinfection performance of PERformance 40 is also unsurpassed. A report by the Hohenstein Institute and the registration of the 40°C process at the Robert Koch Institute confirm this assessment. Both washing and disinfection take place at 40°C at a low product dosage and with products that protect fibres and colours. Unpleasant odours are removed as well. In many instances, both products – Dermasil emulsion as a basis detergent and Ozonit 40 as a bleaching agent – are added directly in the first chamber and remain in the process up to the end of the mainwash zone with no exchange of the wash liquor. In this way, the disinfection time is maximised across all of the chambers of the pre-wash and mainwash; thereby enabling reductions in cycle time. This results in immense potential for increased productivity.

In the Czech Republic, for example, a customer using this system was able to improve their productivity to a level where a second shift was no longer necessary. The system also makes it easier to deal with loads of polyester and polyester cotton textiles. With the low process temperature, extreme creasing is a thing of the past, so machine loading can now be optimised.

The trend in cotton pricing will increase pressure on textile leasing companies in particular. How would a 30 per cent reduction in new purchases affect the costs associated with buying textiles in this case? PERformance 40 enables cost reduction here as well. With the special, patented bleaching and disinfection agent that protects fibres and colours, the service life of textiles can be extended significantly – in some cases by up to 30 per cent. Substantial testing has already been performed in this area in cooperation with the Hohenstein Institute. Longterm field tests are currently being carried out.

A unique level of quality together with significant improvement in overall operational costs: take a stand for a clean future that is sustainable and economical – with PERformance 40.

As a provider of complete, sustainable solutions for commercial and industrial laundries, Ecolab is primarily interested in working together with customers to develop forward-looking concepts that will help them move towards the future and make economically responsible decisions. Again and again, Ecolab has succeeded in creating trailblazing innovations that make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place: the most recent of which is the unique innovation PERformance 40.

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