PHS Laundryserv launches new hard wearing, hard working range of washers

PHS Laundryserv has launched a new range of rigid mount washers, the RX range, which offer an incredibly robust build quality along with impressive energy and water savings, making them ideal for heavy duty or demanding laundry environments.

The RX range offers washers with capacities from 9kg to 32kg, which are available as OPL or coin operated, making them ideal for sites as diverse as launderettes or equestrian centres.

The robust build quality is complemented by the new Ultra Balance technology which detects any imbalance in the load, and adjusts the spin speed accordingly. This optimised stability both protects the machine and dramatically reduces the operational noise levels.

The market leading door sizes make it easy to load and unload large items, whilst the large ergonomically designed door handle, features a continuous ratchet mechanism which makes it almost impossible to overturn and damage.

Manufactured by Primus, the RX range includes the innovative features of their ‘Xtreme in Innovation’ generation of washers. This includes the unique Cascade drum for outstanding water extraction capabilities and linen care, the familiar patented soap hopper, and the ECO3 wash technology for reduced energy and water consumption.

Offering an impressive 200 G force during the extraction cycle, the RX washers deliver significant savings against the drying cycle. They also feature the easy-to-use ‘Xcontrol’ programme selection along with the supereco programmes which offer even greater savings for more lightly soiled loads.

The RX range has been designed with ease of service in mind, and as such has access to the vital components including the heating elements and drain valve easily accessible from the front, making servicing easier and quicker


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