UK launch for new Renzacci Nebula hydrocarbon machine

Renzacci UK, distributor of drycleaning and laundry equipment, has announced the UK launch of its latest drycleaning machine, the Renzacci Nebula.

Available in 10, 12, 15 and 18kg capacities, the Renzacci Nebula is an advanced hydrocarbon machine, which was originally launched by leading Italian manufacturer, Renzacci SpA, over two years ago. Already, hundreds of these machines have been sold around the globe. By bringing the new model to the UK market, Renzacci UK is expressing its confidence in the improvements that have been made in alternative solvents in recent years.


The Nebula is specifically designed to save on energy costs, which is a major theme common to all products conceived by Renzacci’s SpA’s R&D department these days, to compensate for the continuous rise in energy prices. A major feature which contributes substantially to lower running costs is the replacement of traditional distillation methods by a twin filtration device. This method of purifying the solvent uses much less energy and results in very much lower running costs.

The Nebula offers the operator a choice of two levels of cleaning - a traditional bath system for a full clean or an atomisation of the solvent for a garment ‘refresh’. This latter function is suitable where there is only light soil and light staining. As you might expect, this programme further saves on running costs.

Another key feature, standard on the Nebula, is Renzacci’s new ‘EasyTouch’ touch screen control panel. This puts operators firmly in control of programme cycle selection and enables them to tailor the machine function to the type of garments and the level of soil they are dealing with.

A further benefit of the Nebula is its compact size. It has a much smaller footprint than other alternative solvent machines and will benefit shops where space is at a premium.

Speaking at the UK launch, managing director, Jason Alexander, made these observations: “It is no secret that we at Renzacci UK have always been keen supporters of ‘perc’ machines. That is for one simple reason – the effectiveness of the process has been apparent from the results. Recently, however, there have been big improvements in alternative solvents and technological innovations in the equipment we are seeing coming from Renzacci SpA, which has led us to review our position in the UK.

“I, for one, was a massive sceptic of alternative machines without distillation units and, in the past, this was with good reason as subsequent problems reported from the field, vindicated those views. So, the main reason I delayed the launch of the Nebula in the UK was to see how it fared globally. However, following visits by myself, colleagues and clients to various sites around Europe, I readily admit that the advances Renzacci SpA has made to filtration systems, separators and the general configuration of this generation of Renzacci hydrocarbon machines has impressed me greatly.

“With the Nebula in particular, I have been amazed by its cleaning ability and, importantly, the consistent solvent purity achieved by these machines. We now have the confidence to endorse it unequivocally.

“There are some stand-out features built into the Nebula and it gives an exceptional cleaning performance which, in our opinion, beats any similar piece of equipment on the market. Added to that, we have priced the Nebula very competitively (in fact, virtually the same as a similar capacity perc machine) to encourage operators to seriously consider the hydrocarbon cleaning method with all the associated environmental benefits it brings. When you take the low up front price together with the energy saving features, then this model will do a cost efficient and environmentally sensitive job for operators.”

Renzacci UK has just had the new Nebula installed in the showroom at its Heathrow premises. Potential customers can arrange a no-obligation demonstration.


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