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At Ideal Manufacturing we're pretty sure we have the most comprehensive range of laundry detergents made here in the UK. All our chemicals are designed and manufactured at our own production facility in Northamptonshire!

The newest products we have developed include a very nice set of softeners and some innovative finishing products - designed to work beautifully and smell really good!

cotton soft

• New fabric softener with a sophisticated cologne fragrance

• Imparts a businesslike freshness to shirts, sports towels etc.

• Leaves textiles soft to the skin and free from static. Use 3-5ml/kg of linen.

velvet soft

• Fresh lavender and camomile fragrance that persists even after drying

• New pink liquid fabric conditioner

• Add to final rinse for a soft fresh result

refresh soft (with odour neutraliser)

• Premium luxury fabric conditioner liquid for final rinse

• Excellent fresh residual fragrance, even after drying!

• Special odour neutraliser technology eliminates persistent stubborn smells!

• Chemically neutralises odours rather than masking them

• Great softness and antistatic properties

New from Ideal! An effective and beautifully fragranced luxury liquid softener with built in odour neutraliser. Eliminates odours (such as smoke, food or urine), imparting a pleasant residual fragrance and great feel to fabric. Made from an intelligent blend of stable high temperature cationic surfactants. Apply to final rinse in commercial and institutional laundry. Recommended for removing malodour from smoke damaged fabrics, pet/horse blankets and sportswear.


• Water repellent agent for application to final rinse of washing machine

• Very effective on horse blankets or outdoor workwear jackets

• Incredible value compared with traditional commercial brands!

Very effective finishing product for durable water & oil-repellent textiles made of synthetic and cellulosic fibres, especially cotton, polyester and blends.

bacstat 2

• Bactericidal final rinse liquid

• Continuous bacteriostatic action helps to prevent mildew build up on fabric

• Sanitises when disinfection with bleach or temperature are not an option

• Ideal for use on care home clothing or airline blankets

• Imparts softness and antistatic properties

An innovative antistatic and bactericidal final rinse product exclusively developed by the chemists here at Ideal to neutralise electrostatic charge during the drying or wash process and as an aid to reduction of residual bacteria. This product will also assist with the prevention of mildew build-up on fabric.

zero nero

• New! Combined pre-spotter and after-spotter

• Pre-spot collars and cuffs

• Use after spotters before drycleaning or washing to avoid watermarks

Formulated by Ideal for brushing or spraying onto area of stained fabric after appropriate spotter has been applied to avoid potential residual watermarks associated with the drycleaning process. We have found that it can also be used as a pre-spotter on collars and cuffs prior to wetwashing or drycleaning.

emulsifier tl (formualted especially for table linen)

• Excellent concentrated degreaser liquid

• Formulated to have powerful effect at range of temperatures and soils

• Designed to remove problematic grease and wax residues on table linen

• Particularly effective as part of combination of products in tunnel processing

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