Electrolux helps businesses save money with new water-saving products

Purchasers and users of commercial laundry equipment can now save more money, more energy and more water by choosing Electrolux commercial washing machines.

Electrolux washing machines have been granted approval by the Water Technology List (WTL) for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. Currently, the company is the only commercial laundry manufacturer listed by the WTL within this category and size of equipment.

To be included on the WTL, strict criteria regarding a washing machine’s water usage per kg had to be achieved. Intensive analysis was carried out to test the total water consumption of various machines based on a normal 60 degree wash.

As a result, exisiting businesses and start-ups can be reassured of an Electrolux washing machine’s water efficiency by its inclusion on the WTL.

What is the ECA?

The Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) encourages businesses to invest in technologies that save water and improve water quality. As an incentive, they can claim 100% of their first-year allowances; for example, they can claim tax relief on investments in certain technologies and products, including the purchase of Electrolux WTL-approved washing machines.

By claiming an ECA, businesses can write off the entire cost of buying a qualifying water-efficient machine against taxable profits in the year of purchase. As only new plant and machinery are eligible for an ECA - used or second-hand plant and machinery do not qualify – organisations have an additional reason to buy water-efficient machines such as those supplied by Electrolux.

Kate Davis, AEA water specialist, said, “The Water Technology List is making it easy for businesses to make important decisions to improve their water use and water quality and save money at the same time. Businesses will benefit in the long-term through reduced water costs and improved water efficiency and in the short-term by claiming an Enhanced Capital Allowance.”

She added, “Electrolux is one of the product and technology manufacturers leading the industry forward. One of the objectives of offering the ECA is to encourage innovation and to encourage companies such as Electrolux to come up with new technologies to improve water use and water quality.”

Electrolux’s product falls into the category on the Water Technology List of Efficient washing machines.

Water efficient washing machines deliver less water than normal washing machines without compromising wash performance.

The following efficient washing machines are supported:

• Efficient commercial washing machines

• Efficient industrial washing machines

What’s in it for Electrolux customers?

Claiming ECAs for buying water-efficient equipment will help businesses and organisations to reduce investment, cut operating costs and improve their green credentials by making a positive contribution to environmental protection. Also, the benefit of first year tax relief will help reduce the time needed to repay investment costs.

In addition, purchasers of water-efficient laundry equipment such as the Electrolux range will benefit from lower water and energy bills over the long term.

Which Electrolux equipment qualifies?

Electrolux washing machines ranging from 5.5kg up to 110kg are listed on the WTL. The following models are included: W555H, W465H, W475H, W4105H, W4130H, W4180H, W4240H, W4300H, W4600H, W4850H and W41100H.

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