The Miele Professional WetCare system

Miele Professional’s pioneering WetCare system allows drycleaning organisations to help protect the environment and increase profits at the same time. It uses 30 per cent less water than conventional machines and can clean at as little as 20˚c – reducing energy consumption by 50 per cent. The process uses no harmful solvents such as perc, making it healthier for both employees and the environment and saving the organisation the need to purchase a permit.

The WetCare system also allows Miele customers to improve staff productivity as no hanging time is required. Garments spend 25 minutes in the washing machine, 30 minutes drying, and can then go straight onto the finishing equipment. This means that items going through the WetCare process can be cleaned and dried in less than an hour.

Ben Pollard, owner of Dry Ice Dry Cleaners “I would recommend businesses invest in Miele Professional WetCare machines if they really care about the quality of the clean and the environment. I just love the system, I believe in it and I want everyone to know that this way of cleaning is going to be the only way to go.”

For more information on Miele Professional’s products, please phone 0844 8936907, visit or follow the company on Twitter @MieleProf

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