First ever UK H2O installation for Miele

Allsop & Francis is the first Miele Professional Partner in the UK to install a set of Miele H2O dryers for a self-sufficient community of around 300 people. The community purchased the H2O dryers, to replace their existing gas powered dryers, as they can be powered by their existing biomass boiler using virtually free, carbon-neutral energy. The dryer is heated using waste heat from hot water systems. It exploits waste heat and means that their use is almost free.

This self-sufficient community heats their water, which supplies hot water to the whole estate, via a biomass boiler. Once the hot water is passed through the dryer it is then pumped back into their hot water system to be reused.

The community have their own forest, which is managed by The Forestry Commission, who fell the trees that they use and replant new to ensure a constant supply.

Burning biomass, such as wood pellets or logs, emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants were growing. Therefore, biomass is classed as carbonneutral renewable energy.

They have been so impressed that they have two more dryers on order!

Miele firmly believes the future is sustainability that can protect both the pocket of business owners and the environment. Senior product manager Carina Ghosh says: “It makes sense to opt for the H20 dryer if you already have cheap access to hot water on site. These products are an addition to our standard portfolio but I believe they will become more important in the coming years as the price of fossil fuels continues to rise.”

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