Primus launches new softmount washer-extractors

Primus, a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial laundry equipment, has launched its new softmount washerextractors (the FX-series) and medical barrier washer-extractors (the MXB-series). The company says that both product ranges have innovative new features, increased capacities and a new, ergonomic design.

The washer-extractors feature a display which makes it easier for the operator to read and operate the control, regardless of height. The machines can be easily transported with transpallets, which also makes it easier to install them. Furthermore, the softmount and barrier washer-extractors are both equipped with an embedded soap hopper with five compartments and thirteen liquid soap inlets in the frame. A new magnetic lock integrated in the sleek design provides user-friendly closing.

The medical barrier washer extractors have a vertical outer door opening with an angle of 155°, which gives the operators full access for loading and unloading the linen. The doors are equipped with a new, patented inner door lock, which is easy to open and increases the safety of the work environment. Furthermore, all inlets of the medical barrier washer-extractors are positioned on the top, making the machine more compact and easier to install. In addition, it avoids that the operators have direct contact with the pipes.

The softmount washerextractors are available in 35kg, 45kg and 60kg, whereas the medical barrier washer-extractors are available in 36kg, 50kg and 70kg. The company claims that both product ranges have the largest hourly capacity currently available on the market, which ensures maximum throughput and efficiency in laundry units and will be available February 2017.

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