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Laundry Maintain is the latest development by Lancashire based Laundry Engineering Services Ltd (LES) who are an established provider of engineering support throughout the UK and Ireland. 

Laundry Maintain is the brainchild of John Haden, director of LES. The idea was borne out of the frustration of available PPM systems not encompassing the entire requirements of a laundry engineering team.

laundry engineering services commercial management Laundry Maintain
Laundry Maintain allows every user to input tasks, update job sheets and browse service history in real time, all the time providing ultimate traceability

This led to the idea for the Laundry Maintain system and in making it as robust as possible in logging, tracking and completing engineering tasks within a laundry. In gathering feedback from engineers using the older systems available in the market, LES has designed Laundry Maintain, aligned to the need for a system that is easy to use and provides a robust workflow. The ease of access and transparency within Laundry Maintain sets it apart from comparable systems. 

The speed, flexibility and instant access means the days are long gone for the need to document engineering issues through the day and spend valuable time inputting detail. Laundry Maintain allows every user to input tasks, update job sheets and browse service history in real time, all the time providing ultimate traceability. 

Laundry Maintain provides the added benefit of providing accessibility to historical maintenance and service data for all of the assets listed within the system, this coupled with the ease of access to machine manuals saved against each piece of equipment, makes the system all-encompassing. Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) can be scheduled by task, date and engineer on a recurring basis with prompts appearing at selected intervals to give full transparency to the engineering team. PPM tasks can be created and updated locally due to the instant access. Laundry Maintain has been developed to work on a tablet, mobile phone and PC and is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. 

As LES are continuously working in numerous laundries, the learning enhancements for Laundry Maintain are ongoing the system will continue to evolve or can be modified to meet the requirements of an individual laundry. 

Laundry Maintain is available on a standalone subscription basis or can be integrated into existing laundry systems including the Bundle laundry management systems - Bundle Worx and Bundle Connect.

laundry engineering services commercial management technology
PPM tasks can be created and updated locally due to the instant access

“We searched throughout Australasia for a comprehensive laundry maintenance programme without success and stumbled across LES on LinkedIn. The system ticks all the compliance boxes for us, our food processing standard, plus our ISO9001:2015 quality standard.” - Brett Homan, managing director, Pryors Apparelmaster, New Zealand 

“As we know regularly maintaining our laundry machinery is of utmost importance, finding a PPM system that can aid that process in a multisite operation can often be problematic, overcomplicated and very expensive. In Stalbridge Linen we have looked at various systems and found that Laundry Engineering Services could provide our business with a web based PPM system, built and designed by laundry engineers that can deliver exactly what we need to plan our maintenance programme. We are in the early stages of rollout but are sufficiently pleased to be able to recommend the LES PPM system.” - Alan Mulholland, operations director, Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services. 

“Working with the Laundry Maintain has given us another outstanding tool to help our customers manage their laundry. The PPM system gives management an overview of what preventative maintenance requirements are coming up and ensures that these are being completed. There are no surprises and the amount of downtime is being greatly reduced.” - Michael Johns, CEO Bundle Laundry, Australia and South East Asia.

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