Love Laundry introduce eco-friendly Wetcleaning into South Yorkshire 05 May 2019

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Whilst flicking through a copy of Laundry and Cleaning Today, Love Laundry owner, Nic Ireland, saw a Renzacci advert introducing Electrolux’s industry-leading Lagoon Advanced Care Wetcleaning solution. She contacted Renzacci and one of the team (Michael J Michael) visited Nic at her shop to hear Nic’s plans for the business and vision for the future.

The solution
Michael recommended implementing an Electrolux Lagoon Advance W5180H Electric Washer and Electrolux Lagoon Advance T5350 D2D Dryer Electric, along with Pony’s range of best-in-class finishing equipment and designed a shop layout that would optimise the use of space and enable the efficient flow of garments through the laundry.

The result
Renzacci managed every stage of the project, from start to finish, including providing ongoing training to ensure that Nic gets best use from the new machines.

Nic said: 
"With nothing in the area like this, business has been non-stop. One ironing customer, whose family suffer from allergies, was delighted to learn about Wetcleaning and will 100% be using us going forward. The team at Renzacci have been fantastic. The engineers were amazing and Michael’s training invaluable. Even now, he is still on hand whenever I need him."

To find out more about Wetcleaning and whether it is right for your business, contact Renzacci on 020 8579 2661, email or visit

Why upgrade to a Wetcleaning solution in 2019?

It's environmentally friendly
increasing customer appeal 

Generate additional revenue
process 'dry clean only' and normal laundry items in one machine 

Uses less water and energy 
improve your bottom line 

Easily process leathers, Ugg Boots, wedding dresses and more 
all highly profitable and easy to do 

Less hassle
no licenses or inspections by the council & no disposal of still waste or contact water.

Find out what all the fuss is about with a FREE Wetcleaning demonstration. Book your appointment today by calling the team on 020 8579 2661 or emailing


Renzacci Wetcleaning

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