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Employed as early as 1906 to treat the water supply in Paris and used today in some processes for producing bottled water, ozone is known for its bleaching action and ability to kill bacteria and viruses. 

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It also has a practical, moneysaving application in laundry operations.

At its recent UK sales conference, laundry specialist Christeyns, launched a n innovative, new ozone system, Speed-O, which succeeds in combining the advant ages of ozone properties with the requirements of a commercial wash process. 

Designed by technical experts, Speed-O goes one step further than just using ozone. It combines active oxygen (peracetic acid) together with the ozone to create a hydroxyl radical that breaks down soil in the wash liquor. 

Systems that generate ozone and inject it into laundry water can dramatically reduce hot water use in large laundry operations, as well as reducing the amount of cleaning chemicals used and producing cleaner, brighter linens and clothing. The ozone molecule also intervenes in the wash process to open the fibre structure making the fabric softer and fluffier. The textile thus contains less residual moisture after the washing process, so drying times can be reduced. 

Petersfield Linen Services ba sed in Hampshi re and established in 1899, provide high quality laundry and linen hire services to clients across Southern England. 

For this family run firm with a staff of 60, offering a top quality service in a sustainable manner, is their number one priority. Robert James and his sister Susan McCaig run the business as fifth generation launderers and currently launder over 20,000 items a day. 

Although demands vary at different times of the year, on average 70 per cent of their business is in pooled and dedicated linen rental services with the remaining 30 per cent of business from its commercial clients. “We have a long term working relationship with Christeyns and are happy with the high quality of their detergent products,” comments James. “We were keen to give ozone a go to ascertain if it could indeed provide enhanced wash outcomes, and to explore the other benefits the system might bring.” 

At the end of January, the Speed-O system was installed for use with a 90kg washer-extractor as a trial, with the intention, following positive results, that an additional four machines would be converted to the ozone in March. “The installation on our 90kg machine was seamless,” continues James, “there were no issues adapting the programmes and within 24 hours it was installed and operational. Although it is still early days, we are already seeing a raft of benefits.” 

These benefits are most noticeably the softer, fuller feel to the towels and linen, an improved whiteness and brightness and a pleasant, fresh odour that you might associate with laundry that is hung outside. The Petersfield staff were quick to comment on these changes and impressed with the results. However, it is also the ‘unseen’ benefits that are just as important. 

Ozone works best at low temperatures and the cool water is less harsh on the linens thus prolonging life span and reducing replacement costs for customers in the long term. The cooler temperatures of the wash also reduce the amount of lint separating from the linens, which consequently ends up in the machine systems. 

There are significant benefits in water and energy usage and process times are much shorter. The Speed-O system comprises a small wall-mounted box which draws in oxygen and converts it to ozone then pumps this into the washer-extractor. The system can run on purely cold water; currently at Petersfield the water temperature is down from 71ºC to 25ºC but once all five machines are up and running this will be considerably lower. 

Already water consumption on the machine is down 60 per cent and wash times for towels reduced to 37 minutes run time from 58 minutes. The reduction in process times means that the laundry can wash up to three loads extra per day when compared to a non-ozone system, which represents an increase in productivity of 25-30 per cent. New chemicals, Speed-O Wash, a detergent, and Speed-O Boost, an alkali booster, have been specifically developed to perform at cold temperatures. 

By adding surfactants to the detergent, Christeyns has ensured that the detergent is fully active throughout the wash process and not broken down by the ozone; this process will remove both grease as well as other soiling. 

As the chemicals are softer, conditioner is not required. “It is good to know that we are doing the right thing for the environment and reducing our carbon footprint,” states McCaig. “Anything we can do to improve the sustainability of the industry is important for us at Petersfield.” James concludes that: “Ozone should certainly be considered for certain types of laundries. Investing in technology and doing something different helps us stay one step ahead. 

As a small independent we are not in a position to compete on some levels with larger operators but a system such as Speed-O puts us in a good place and is helping us win new business.” “New technology such at this enhances our customer service and underlines our mission to offer an outstanding one to one, flexible service. 

The structure and network that Christeyns offer in terms of support, installation and advice, is reassuring, especially when trialing something new. Continuous improvement is part of our core values here at Petersfield and this is replicated in the way that Christeyns do business. We look forward to seeing how the system performs as we go forward.”

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