Energy savings in transfer dryers 03 Jan 2019

Launched in 2014, the WR dryers from Jensen have new industry benchmarks in productivity, safety, servicing and in use of resources. 

Jensen focuses on increasing energy efficiency and productivity when developing new products. They’ve built more than 4,000 dryers in the past and made use of this experience for the development of the WR dryer series.

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An animation published on Jensen’s Youtube channel illustrates how energy is saved and the performance is increased in the WR dryers

The result of this development work shows that compared with the average values of conventional dryers available on the market, the evaporation capacity could be increased by approximately 10 per cent. At the same time, the energy consumption was lowered by up to 15 per cent. Numerous test s were carried out in which an energy consumption of less than one kWh per litre of evaporated water could be measured. These figures are confirmed by the data gathered through their Globe system by Gotli Labs that consolidates the data management in heavy-duty laundries. Jensen state that it’s these basic features that allow an outstanding performance in a dryer: an optimised air conduction by means of frequency controlled high-power fans, an infinitely variable recirculated air control, heat exchangers which can be fully integrated, an advanced drum geometry as well as an extremely well insulated and sealed drum housing. 

The combination of heat generation, air conduction, drum geometry and insulation results in an optimal heat distribution in the drum and the best possible air f low through the linen. These parameters guarantee the extremely high efficiency. The insulation of the dryer means that the heat radiation as well as the noise level could be substantially reduced. And the large diameter of the drums allow for an optimal drop curve and an excellent flow of air through the laundry. This enables a very textile-friendly drying process and an high quality of finish.

Various options are available for the new WR dryers in order to configure them according to the needs of almost any kind of application. They include fully integratable heat exchangers that can easily be accessed from the outside as well as an InfraCare control for further optimising the drying process, amongst others. For Jensen, drying has never been more efficient, ecological, and comfortable before – with all-time low costs per piece of linen.

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