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Laundry and drycleaning finishing equipment

Jean Anderson looks at the latest irons and presses for achieving the ultimate high quality finish.

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Investing in new irons and presses is an expensive commitment but a top quality finish is a sure way to secure repeat business. 

That means consistent and reliable performance from their equipment is key for textile care professionals who want to offer services at the highest level. Achieving the standard customers require means having the best equipment. So, what are the options available? Renzacci UK pride themselves on giving their customers ‘the best’, providing high quality, competitively priced products, alongside reliable customer service and technical support. Café Royal, a five-star hotel in London, has an outstanding reputation for exemplary service and a quality offering. 

Therefore, when it came to equipping their laundry depar tment with finishing equipment they went to Renzacci UK to discuss their requirements and found Pony’s extensive range of finishing equipment was a perfect fit, said Renzacci UK technical sales manager, Michael J Michael. Following the initial site visit and having measured up the available space Michael recommended that Café Royal should implement a Pony press machine and Pony FormPlus-S (tensioning jacket former) machine to complement their existing laundry equipment. He said: “The Pony Formplus-S (tensioning jacket former) machine is a pressing system that has vertical tensioning for perfect steam finishing and fabric revitalising. Not only is the Formplus-S suitable for jackets, but it’s also adjustable for coats, raincoats, leather garments and dresses, a feature which was attractive to Café Royal. 

The machine comes with 10 adjustable settings; which can be customised to suit the hotel’s requirements, with no specialist labour required to set the machine up for each individual garment.” The Pony SP/U press system, available in a variety of models, completed Café Royal’s laundry set up, providing guests with high quality garment finishing, whilst increasing efficiency within the laundry department. 

Both the client and Renzacci UK were thrilled with the installation. Michael said: “The installation went extremely well and Café Royal have been a delight to work with. The machines have given the hotel the ability to offer an additional laundry service to guests; which will help increase revenue and reinforce their position as one of London’s finest hotels.” Renzacci were also called in to help Essex-based WetCleaners Ltd, which recently implemented Pony’s extensive range of finishing equipment into their facility.

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Brands featured:

  • Renzacci
  • Girbau UK
  • Veit
  • Electrolux Professional
  • DLS
  • Dane Realstar
  • Fimas
  • Barbanti

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