The Elexpedition journey 12 Dec 2018

Laundry & Cleaning Today joined Electrolux Professional in Ljungby, Sweden, for the launch of their Line 6000 range to their partners from the UK and Ireland. Jean Anderson reports.

Silvana Johannson, head of category, business unit laundry, talks about Line 6000 elexpedition electrolux
Silvana Johannson, head of category, business unit laundry, talks about Line 6000

Electrolux Professional has set about ‘shaping the effortless laundry’ with the launch of their innovative Line 6000 dryers with a partner event at its plant in Ljungby, Sweden. Laundry & Cleaning Today joined a lively group of Electrolux dealers, service engineers and staff to see just how ‘game changing’ Line 6000 promises to be. The word was that this went beyond a standard new product launch and guests were certainly impressed by what they saw. 

Some 30 partners from companies in the UK and Ireland, including AGS, DLS, Renzacci, Shorrock Tri Chem, Allsop & Francis, OPL and more, joined some 16 experts from the Electrolux team. The innovative new range of dryers has already hit the market, with the launch of a washers range planned for the spring. (Don’t underestimate what is promised then. It is really worth the wait.) The approach of Electrolux’s 80-plus strong development team to creating the new range has been thoughtful both in terms of technology, ease of use, health and safety, productivity and cost. 

As their brochure summarises: “Our priority is to create solutions designed precisely for the people who use them, day after day. Exceptional results for minimal effort: it’s as simple as that.” They are not promising low upfront investment costs but they are promising “over the long term, our dryers will cost you much less and make your investment more profitable.” In the words of Silvana Johannson, head of category, laundry, who was introduced as the First Lady of Line 6000: “With Line 6000 you will automatically get savings of water, savings on

"Line 6000 far exceeds

everything that went before”

energy, savings on detergent.” There is also a four-star rating for ergonomics from Ergocert, the ergonomic certifying institute. “In my world Line 6000 fits everywhere,” Johannson said. “We have had a very busy year and it will be even more busy next year. There are a lot of things in front of us. (continued in full article).

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