British Standards Institution secures membership of CEN and CENELEC 30 Nov 2018

On the 23 November, the General Assemblies of the European Standards Organizations CEN and CENELEC (European Committee for Standardization and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) approved a plan to secure BSI’s full membership post-Brexit.

This is good news for the TSA and our members, as we are actively involved in the work of many of the BSI’s committee that develop standards in areas that are relevant to our industry, such as on textiles disinfection, chemicals, energy efficiency, machinery and more.

Thanks to this decision, through the work of the BSI, we will be able to keep shaping the standards used in the textile services sector across Europe, even if no longer a member of the European Union. UK experts will continue as chairs, convenors, committee members and policy experts to work on maintaining and developing the 20,000 European standards managed by CEN and CENELEC, ensuring the needs of UK industry will continue to be represented.

More information on the agreement can be found on the BSI website

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