ChainGe Consortium study finds reusables more environmentally friendly 28 Nov 2018

A study commissioned by the ChainGe Consortium (Christeyns, Eurotape, Vetex, Rotecno, Van Dijk Holland) found that using reusable drapes and tapes in surgery, the textiles that are attached to patients during surgery to prevent contamination and ensure a clean working space for surgeons, are significantly more environmentally friendly than using disposable ones (but as safe).

The study looked at the entire life cycle, from manufacture to end of life, and found that the reusables:

• Used 38% overall less energy than disposables

• Produced 80% less solid waste than disposables

• Provided 62% water savings compared to disposables.

And they fared better in almost all other indicators that have been looked at.

Philip Wright, CEO of the Textile Services Association, commented: “The textile services industry typifies an excellent example of a circular economy and this study clearly shows that reusable textiles are a far better environmental option.

“Environmental impact is but one of the areas where our members can contribute to the healthcare sector. The high standards in commercial laundries provide a great service protecting patients from the spread of hospital infections through professional cleaning and maintenance of gowns, scrubs and nurses’ uniforms.”

The report and a presentation summarising the findings are at

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