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Tumble Dryers

The Miele H2O dryer can be powered by hot water that is
produced as a by-product of other system.

Janice Raycroft looks at the latest tumble dryers for laundry managers to consider when looking for efficiency and maximum results.

From the bigger round-the-clock operations with a team of dedicated laundry managers overseeing shifts, to small drycleaners mostly ‘powered’ by their own determination and that of family members, some basic rules set the agenda. 

Time is money, margins are tight as energy bills rise and you have to keep the customer happy, whether that’s a prestigious hotel chain or the local residents and nearby workers visiting your premises. All this means you must have the most efficient dryers to deal with the variety of linen you process. 

Make a mistake with what is undoubtedly a long-term investment and it’s hard to envisage recouping potential profits elsewhere. There’s no money to burn when it comes to getting maximum results when drying. 

So what do leading manufacturers have to offer which may sway your mind if existing dryers are starting to grind, getting too greedy or, best of all, you need to expand (but are no doubt tight on available space)? 

The good news is that while tumble dryers consume a considerable amount of energy, laundry managers have a lot to gain from scouring the market. The latest commercial machines are designed to offer excellent energy efficiency, while still providing excellent fabric care and quality results. And new developments mean that you can just about ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to considering the options. For instance, the possibility of using alternative energy options to power dryers should go on the checklist.

As Kate Jones, marketing manager at the professional division of Miele, says: “Take our H2O dryer, which is powered just by hot water, and can even be powered by hot water that is produced as a by-product of other systems. As a result, the cost of drying can be reduced.”

"You can also expect time and energy savings in drying with reversing drum action"

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Brands featured:

  • Miele
  • MAG Laundry Equipment
  • AGS Limited
  • Kannegiesser
  • Electrolux Professional

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