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Jean Anderson looks at the options to help you select the right trolley or cage for an ergonomic and efficient laundry operation.

The efficiency of a laundry, large or small, is much enhanced by the seemingly simple choice of trolleys and cages for transporting linens around your operation. The manufacturers of these unobtrusive products have you and your workforce in mind when they design and make their material handling equipment. 

When you make your choice they can help you select the right trolley for the job. They take into account ergonomics and ease of handling, so your staff are less likely to suffer problems such as repetitive strain injuries. 

They look at customising your choice, at cost effectiveness, at longevity, at capacity and much more. There is a lot to think about as we look at the options available. Bryant Plastics Ltd manufactures a vast range of plastic material handling equipment and is the largest producer and supplier of plastic laundry/linen cages in the UK. 

Jackie Smith, the company’s quality and performance manager, explains the company philosophy: “Bryant Plastics Ltd is a values based company who pride themselves in their integrity, transparency and compliance. The company’s vision is to produce world leading, innovative products that meet and exceed customer expectations. “Bryant understand the f inancial pressures within the industry, delivering cost efficiencies whilst maintaining a high quality service for customers. 

Bryant Plastics is dedicated to producing the highest quality products at a cost effective price.” With this in mind, they work with their customers and partners to develop products that are high quality, fit for purpose and cost effective. 

Bryant Plastics Ltd are always improving and customising products with their customers as well as developing new products. Recent developments include a new healthcare cage and a new cage with a moulded in handle. “The healthcare cage has been designed with their customers in the NHS to replace metal roll cages in hospitals; the healthcare cage has the same footprint as the metal cage, but has enhanced features for safety and for infection prevention and control,” said Smith. 

The cage is 25 per cent lighter and easier to manoeuvre than its metal counterpart, it is hygienic with smooth easy to clean surfaces and is compatible with trolley wash and drain systems. (continued in full article)

"The average age of the plastic

linen cage has increased year on

year and in April 2018 the average

age of the cages is 1321 days

or 3.62 years. In 2013-2014 the

average cage age was 2.48 years"

(continued in full article)

Brands featured in full article:

  • Bryant Plastics
  • JFC Trolleys
  • G-Force Europe

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