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A trip to international laundry manufacturer

GIRBAU EXPERIENCE CENTER visit laundry equipment supplier

The focus of the visit was the new Girbau Experience Centre (GEX). The GEX is a combination of the state of the art and the traditional. Situated in G1, as Girbau refer to the original building, where production first came to fruition over 50 years ago - visitors arrive at a welcome reception area. 

As the lighting dims the Girbau story begins with futuristic sound; high tech images are projected onto a screen with each image representing Girbau and the laundry process. 

As the show introduction comes to a climatic conclusion the automatic doors that previously represented the image screen part to reveal the latest equipment standing amongst the clinical white walls and the traditional highly polished tiled flooring, broken only with the Girbau branding and mottos “Creating Future Together” and “To believe in excellence is to create value for our clients”. 

"The hospitality and warm reception we received from

the whole Girbau team was greatly appreciated.” -

Tina Gleed, publisher at Laundry & Cleaning Today

All this under a high-pitched ceiling supported by the original unpainted timber supports. Our delegation, including a young British entrepreneur and a representative from Diversey, were taken on a tour of the GEX, with demonstrations and informative discussion from the experienced Spanish team at Vic. Girbau explained the GEX is not just a visitor centre, but can also be used as a showroom for potential sales and as a training centre for clients and their own technicians. 

During our visit the delegate team were taken on tours of the plants, G1, G2 and G3. Each plant serves as production and assembly for different models of equipment. Everything from the raw materials entering the production plant through to packaging and distribution is carried out in specific factory facilities. The original G1 and expansion into G2 plant are where the heavier and larger pieces, for example the CBW tunnel washers and industrial dryers are manufactured and assembled. 

Whereas the smaller commercial equipment is processed in G3. Girbau are keen to ensure their workers are happy and comfortable in their work. Currently under construction, with completion due in October 2018, is a state of the art staff recreation area, complete with gymnasium, showers, restaurant, laundry and meeting space. Before all visitors went their separate ways, the delegation were taken to a local laundry ‘Calandra’ where, with the support of the local authority, Girbau supply...(continued in full article)

The team at Laundry & Cleaning

Today were privileged to be part of

the delegation invited to the Girbau

Experience - and very much enjoyed

visiting the manufacturing plants

and laundries in Vic. Mark Gleed,

from Laundry & Cleaning Today

Continued in full article.

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