Unilever develops new spray to tackle the ‘chairdrobe’ 03 Oct 2018

Unilever's new approach to yesterday's laundry

day 2 unilever laundry spray chairdrobe

Companies are looking at new ways for consumers, and in particular millennials, to do their laundry and Unilever has developed a spray that makes dirty clothes smell fresh and appear crease-free. 

A Unilever report stated that 60 per cent of 22 to 37-year olds don’t like doing their laundry and instead they dump their clothes in a pile and wear them again – known as the ‘chairdrobe’. Unilever has developed a spray called Day 2 - an aerosol that it says refreshes, reshapes and dewrinkles clothes on the chairdrobe, using technology like fabric-stiffening molecules. There are versions for denim and delicates, as well as an original version. 

Unilever’s head of marketing Nathan Olivieri says that denim jeans are by far the most reworn garment: “That’s a high pride point for a lot of millennials, ensuring that their denim is as pristine as possible.” 

In addition to Day 2, Unilever is testing a portion-controlled detergent in the Netherlands called Less. Other consumer product giants such as Procter & Gamble are also looking to profit from new ways of doing the laundry. 

Unilever’s detergent Skip has partnered with the Cowash app to connect people with neighbours willing to wash and iron for a fee. Cowash said about 80 per cent of its customers have washing machines but use the service to avoid ironing.

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