TSA drycleaning membership and advice moves to UKFT 26 Sep 2018

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Drycleaning advice site moves from TSA to UKFT

The board of Textile Services Association (TSA) has agreed to transfer the drycleaning side of its membership – with associated services – to the UK Fashion and Textiles Association (UKFT).

The decision comes after careful consideration, following very positive discussions with UKFT and recognition that the needs of TSA’s drycleaning members, with the focus on consumers, are different when compared to commercial textile service companies. TSA strongly believes that UKFT is a closer fit for its members, especially considering the arbitration service.

Philip Wright, CEO of TSA, said: “Over the last few years TSA has increased its focus on drycleaning activities with the successful launch of www.drycleaningadvice.org. However, we also recognise more can be done and after very constructive discussions with UKFT have agreed to transfer our drycleaning division to them, including the arbitration service and www.drycleaningadvice.org. We will continue to work closely with UKFT.”

Adam Mansell, UKFT CEO, said: “This is a logical move for us as drycleaning is the end process of all the fabrics and garments our members produce and given our long-term involvement with care labelling. We are committed to maintaining and growing the membership and will continue TSA’s excellent work in the sector, including the mediation service and advice line.

“TSA has been a long-term federated member of UKFT and we have recently undertaken several joint initiatives including a well-attended seminar that helped garment producers understand the impact of different cleaning processes available. We are delighted to welcome our new members into the fold.” TSA will continue to be responsible for its commercial laundry members.”

UKFT is an inclusive British network for fashion and textile companies in the UK. They bring together designers, manufacturers, agents and retailers to promote their businesses and the industry, both in the UK and throughout the world. The arbitration service will continue to be managed by the TSA until 30 September 2018 and from the 1 October 2018, UKFT will take over its management.

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