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Laundry Conveyors and garment handling automation

You can have the smartest and cleanest laundry in the world. You can offer the best pricing for miles around. But if you cannot move garments around quickly and efficiently you’re sunk. It’s for this reason that conveyor systems are at the heart of a modern laundry no matter its size. But the investment required here is not insubstantial and the right decision-making process must be followed. Space utilisation is critical but so is the level of technology employed. Too little and operators won’t have a clue when orders are complete, too much and you’ll have bought a sledgehammer to crack to a nut. Adam Bernstein explores what’s available.

conveying the message laundry drycleaning equipment
A bespoke fitted conveyor from Parrisianne for Five Star Dry Cleaners was fitted in just one and a half days

Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd 

According to James Holt, managing director of Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd, conveyors are not as expensive as many people would believe and some drycleaners appear to be unaware of the advantages of using a conveyor for garment storage. 

“There has never been a more important time for drycleaners and laundry owners to differentiate their business from their competitors,” says Holt, “and one way to achieve this is by making your business extremely efficient in the way staff handle their customers garment collection.” He reckons that nothing attracts more interest than to see machinery working and for potential clients to see garments revolving inside a shop window. 

Further, and this is the hook for laundries, space permitting, they can prove to be a major labour-saving device. Parrisianne, says Holt, supplies the ACS range of conveyors. He prefers the company to others as it designs and manufactures its own products and has, he says, “over 25 years’ experience in the field of handling and automation with units installed in a wide variety of locations including drycleaning and laundry, textile, shops, showrooms and private apartments.” 

As for the units, Holt says that they “are small and flexible enough to fit well in a variant of shops and units. 

They are easy to install and require very little maintenance, having been designed with high quality materials guaranteeing perfect operation over the years.” 

The systems are made in various shapes and sizes, linear, uphill or in the form of “I”, “L”, “U”, “T”, “X”, or “Z”, in continuous, double or faired providing maximum flexibility for storing clothes. Holt says the conveyors are manufactured in steel as standard and white, but they can be ordered in any of the RAL colour codes. 

Technically speaking, Holt says a communications link can be established between an EPoS system and the conveyors supplied by Parrisianne. “This facility allows an operator to simply type or scan a customer’s ticket number and the conveyor will automatically rotate to the correct unloading position. 

Likewise, it is also possible to scan a ticket whilst loading the conveyor and the EPoS system will then automatically rotate the conveyor to find an empty slot position for loading garments.” Parrisianne, says Holt, aims to be flexible. 

He says the firm has been asked to design many varying sizes of conveyor: “From simple oval designs to rising uphill units for storage on either two levels of flooring or double height installations with limited floor space but where ceiling height is not an issue… it is also possible to utilise space very efficiently with a spiral conveyor.” 

He adds that it is also feasible to install an automated collection booth controlled by magnetic cards where a customer can collect orders that are ready without even entering the shop – “enabling a 24-hour service.” 

This type of system requires the shop to be equipped for barcoding and understandably Holt thinks “the business will be perceived by customers to be very professional.”

"finishing, feeding, folding,

sorting and stacking, they’re all

taken care of"

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Brands featured in full article:
  • Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd
  • Jensen
  • TexID Limited
  • Dane Realstar

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