An Ideal partnership 31 Jul 2018

Back in May’s issue we ran a news piece about a new cycling laundry service in Oxford called Oxwash.


We’ve since learnt that Oxwash has teamed up with Ideal, the Northamptonshire based family-run laundry, textile care, hygiene and cleaning product manufacturer, to deliver their FILL eco-cleaning products and refills by electric bike across Oxfordshire from now on. 

Oxwash was founded by Oxford University PhD student, Kyle Grant, who was frustrated with the laundry and drycleaning service offered at the university. He started to look at the Deliveroo bike delivery model and applied that approach to Oxwash and adopted a sustainable and responsible carbon-free approach, minimising waste and damage to the environment wherever possible.

About the partnership Grant said: “Oxwash are incredibly excited to be working closely with FILL. We struggled to find a product line that met our high standards of sustainability and efficacy…Until FILL! The biodegradability profiles of the products are second to none, and the design and thought process that has gone into the products is empowering. We believe a plastic-free future is inevitable and are bringing this fantastic product line to market without a gram of CO2 being emitted!” Ideal launched FILL in March this year and have designed the range of products to work great and reduce plastic packaging waste.

Phillip Kalli, managing director at Ideal, said: “We set out to create the type of straightforward eco products that we wanted to use, in glass bottles that look cool, so they won’t get thrown away.

“We make everything ourselves, at our own family run factory in Northamptonshire, with real chemists… combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern and effective eco cleaning and laundry products. No harsh chemicals. No plastic bottles. Less waste.”

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