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Laundry and drycleaning: shirt finishing

Perfectly pressed and finished shirts are a must if a laundry wants to offer a truly professional service. Shirts are highly visible garments what when riddled with creases say much – just as dirty shoes do – about the wearer. 

So, whether a laundry handles 50 shirts a day or 500, the perfect finish is essential to keeping customers happy. Adam Bernstein looks at the potential opportunities in shirt finishing along with the latest developments in equipment.

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The Fimas 314 shirt and form finisher from Dane Realstar is a blown universal shirt/form finisher which can also handle jackets, coats and raincoats.

Dane Realstar

Paul Higgs, founder of Dane Realstar, says his company has plenty of experience when it comes to providing technically competent and “high quality” finishing equipment from Fimas. 

The first product he talks about is the Fimas 314 blown shirt and form finisher which can also handle jackets, coats and raincoats. “A versatile unit for a busy drycleaning shop”, says Higgs, “it also has a touchscreen display on the control panel and a fully automatic control.” The unit has a telescopic body and constant vacuum for loading, along with a front pressing plate which moves to one side. 

“It also features automatic vertical tensioning on the body, adjustable shoulder width and pneumatic adjustable sleeve clamps to ensure an optimum finish,” adds Higgs. The unit is now available with or without its own built-in boiler. 

Next comes the Fimas 317 shirt and form finisher. Similar to the 314 model, Higgs says it has the benefit of a pneumatic cradle for side and rear clamp plates positioning and tensioning, choice of cuff clamp shapes including the rotary cuff finishers, and an automatic front pressing plate.

The 314 is only available for connection to central steam supplies. But for the “top of the range” finish, Higgs suggests laundries consider the Fimas 389 blown shirt finisher. “This is the perfect blown shirt finisher for drycleaners, combining ease of operation with the high level of technology expected of the Fimas range and gives superb value for money, and many energy efficient features… and it’ll handle wet or dry shirts.” 

The 389 uses air to simultaneously clamp the collar, press the front panel of the body with a heated panel, the shoulders, sleeves and rear tail while lower traction plates tension the body stretching the shirt body and tightening the seams. 

Higgs says that this unit too has a touchscreen display on the control panel as well as a manual control function that allows an override of the separate functions, adjustment of the cycles, and other specific operations. Other features include joystick control of the sleeve clamp height adjustment, automatic timed cycles for pressing and clamp devices with adjustable clamp pressure. “And to finish off the specification,” says Higgs, “a photocell control for automatic positioning of the rear clamp with the lower shirt edge is also fitted together with a rear control mirror.” 

When it comes to pressing collars and cuffs... (continued in full article).

Brands featured in full article:

Dane Realstar

Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd

Service Machinery Limited

CML Equipment Solutions Ltd

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