Caretex professional laundry powders introduced by Cole & Wilson 28 Jun 2018

Laundry detergents

Chemicals specialist Cole & Wilson has introduced a range of Caretex professional powders, a premium range of products that can be used across all types of laundry for those outlets preferring a powdered detergent. 

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There are seven new powders - Detergent Plus, Detergent, Colour Detergent, Oxy Bleach, Starch, Antichlor and Chlorine Bleach, all available in 25kg bags. 

Like the original Caretex Pro range, each powder has a specific function and is effective with all water types. The powders can be used for premium shirt service cleaning, household laundry as well as workwear. Delivered in recycled paper sacks, the powders are kind to machines and can be used in conjunction with other Caretex products. “We are really excited to be able to offer this range of Caretex Professional Powders to our customers. 

We have had great success with the Caretex Pro liquids but realised that some outlets prefer the powder option. We can now provide these launderers with the same effective cleaning results but in a method better suited to their needs,” comments Richard Cole of Cole & Wilson. 

Being part of Christyens UK means Cole & Wilson is at the forefront of new product innovation and in prime position to bring the very latest technology to its customers. 

Caretex Professional meets todays’ tough laundry demands by providing a range of powders that offer maximum cleaning power at lower temperatures and with increasingly complex fabrics.

cole wilson chemicals laundry news caretex powder

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