Laundry service provider, CLEAN, secures Considerate Hoteliers membership 19 Jun 2018

Laundry and linen service provider, CLEAN, demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by securing membership with Considerate Hoteliers...

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Leading linen and laundry service provider CLEAN has further demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by securing membership with Considerate Hoteliers.

Formed in 1991 in a bid to help hotels adopt smart business practices to protect the environment and enhance the experience of guests, staff and visitors, Considerate Hoteliers works with more than 150 UK and international hotels as well as suppliers to overcome CSR challenges.

In recent years CLEAN has developed – and is continuously improving – an environmenttal management system, to ensure it meets and, where possible, exceeds its responsibilities.

The company's super laundry in Slough set high standards in sustainability when it opened in 2016 and has helped achieve a 39% reduction in CLEAN’s carbon footprint across all seven of its sites.

Significant achievements carried out over the last two years in this area include:

• Reducing electricity and gas consumption by 5.6% and 2.5% respectively, including the introduction of energy efficient gas dryers

• Introducing effective water recycling systems to reduce consumption by 15.8%.

• Achieving as a total business Zero Waste to landfill (<1% of Total) • Making a 5% improvement on miles per gallon and a reduction of 35% in fuel consumption in the last year.

• Introducing environmentally friendly chemicals and modernized equipment to reduce chemical wastage.

CLEAN has already been recognised for its hard work in reducing energy and water consumption across its business.

In 2017 CLEAN won the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice.

CLEAN ceo Jason Miller said: "I am very pleased to announce CLEAN's membership of the Considerate Hoteliers which reinforces our commitment to driving forward energy efficiencies and environmental best practice across our business.

"We are looking forward to working with Considerate Hoteliers to help us continue our work in this area and lessen our environmental footprint in the hospitality sector."

Considerate Hoteliers Managing Partner & Founder Benedetta Cassinelli, said: “We’re thrilled to have CLEAN on board as a Supplier Member and recognise its dedication to operating sustainably and responsibly within the industry. At Considerate Hoteliers, we pride ourselves on working with like-minded hospitality businesses that are forward-thinking in their approach to becoming more environmentally friendly, and CLEAN fits in brilliantly.”

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