Ideal and Laundry Efficiency announce collaboration 13 Jun 2018

British commercial laundry detergent formulation experts, Ideal announce R&D collaboration with ozone technology specialists, Laundry Efficiency to reduce production costs and radically optimise the traditional supply model for UK laundries.

ideal-laundry-partnership-commercialIdeal and Laundry Efficiency have today announced a ground-breaking partnership designed to help commercial laundries across the UK in the battle to reduce the costs of laundry production whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.

The partnership will see the two companies come together to develop products and services which can alleviate some of the major challenges that laundry owners are facing. 

Rising costs of energy coupled with increases in staffing costs have put incredible pressure on laundry owners at a time when customers are also putting increasing pressure on them. This exciting new collaboration, using Laundry Efficiency’s expertise in Ozone technology, coupled with Ideal’s unparalleled experience in formulating the highest quality laundry chemicals, presents commercial laundries with an opportunity to achieve quality and bottom line savings.

Ideal’s Dr Mike Kalli said: “We are beginning to see significant benefits with the application of Ozone in conjunction with the right chemistry that we are very confident will enable commercial laundries to achieve the highest quality processing, whilst helping them to achieve new levels of energy, water, time and labour savings.

“This is coupled with prolonged linen life and enhanced handle of textiles. It will also mark a decline in the use of aggressive oxidising chemicals which reduces the impact on linen and the environment. We’re very excited by the results achieved during field tests and look forward to announcing further information as our young team of development chemists, engineers and field chemists continue to work closely with the Laundry Efficiency team to optimise the performance of ozone technology for British commercial laundry.” 

Colin Oakley, MD at Laundry Efficiency added: “We have seen a huge demand for our solution since we introduced it into the UK over three years ago and we are now radically changing the costs of production for both very large and smaller laundries.

We have invested significantly in the development of a new method in which to deploy Ozone into the wash process and this coupled with our knowledge and expertise has allowed us to win awards and deliver some incredible savings for the customers we work with. We wanted to build a partnership with chemical experts who focus, like we do, on reducing the cost of laundry production and helping laundry owners who’ve been hit hard with increased utility and staffing costs over the last 12-18 months.

“We have enjoyed working with the team at Ideal and are looking forward to building a solid partnership going forward, to help laundry owners get back control of their laundry.”

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