Laundry exhibition: Robotics theme central to Kannegiesser’s seven-day Expo 05 Jun 2018

Over 2,000 visitors from 54 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, are expected to attend Kannegiesser’s Expo 2018 in Germany this week. It started on Sunday (3 June) and will run for seven days.

Themed as ‘Robotisation’, Kannegiesser are showcasing their equipment across 6,500 sq m of exhibition hall.

Laundry & Cleaning Today visited the event and were taken on a personally guided tour by Kannegiesser’s Andrew Cartwright, Selwyn Burchhardt and Stuart Rigby.

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Kannegeisser’s sales team take Laundry & Cleaning Today on a guided tour of the event.

First up was the prototype GripMaster robotic sorting machine with 3D camera technology. Apart from manually loading the soiled textiles into the equipment, the operators do not touch the items until they reach the conveyor bins ready for the washing process. The GripMaster has the technology to not only recognise each item but work out the size, weight, colour and even fabric type.

Also on display was the Kannegiesser PowerTrans tunnel washer, various batch washers, presses, feeders and folders used for sheets, duvets towelling and garment folders. With cross sections of internal parts, Kannegiesser really opened up their machinery to show their valued clients the components that make up the highly efficient equipment. With the TransLine garment transportation system covering almost half the exhibition floor and the new EMH sheet feeder and folder designed for hospital laundries this really felt like a working laundry.

Each evening guests were treated to dinner with wine, cocktails and traditional entertainment in a room decorated with Chinese lanterns. Martin Kannegiesser, Englebert Heinz and Tina Kannegiesser welcomed guests with a little history on how the company rose from the post war beginnings and how Kannegiesser’s father Herbert came from the aircraft construction industry to make the first electrically heated ironer employing four staff.

With help from Kannegiesser’s multilingual and commercially astute mother Irma, the company began its journey to become the hugely successful company it is today with 1,750 staff turning over an annual net of 400 million euros.

Martin Kannegiesser set up and transferred his 100 per cent leveraged equity to the Martin Kannegiesser family foundation in 2014, although still remaining as CEO and chairman of the foundation. Englebert Heinz, his trusted employee of over 30 years, is now CEO of GmbH and his daughter Tina, educated at Cambridge, is assistant chairwoman of the foundation and in permanent support for the integration of the international subsidiaries that now control the business.

A tour of the factory in Vlotho showing procurement from the raw material, the cutting, folding and pressing of the sheet metal, to the painting and finally fitting the component parts before commissioning, really rounded off a splendid trip hosted by the family lead team from Kannegiesser.

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