[June Article Preview] A Chemical Reaction - chemicals and solvents 29 May 2018

The right chemicals and detergents are vital for launderers and drycleaners to not only achieve the best results for their customers, but to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the changes in lifestyle, textiles and eco-friendly products. 

Jean Anderson shares how the industry has reacted with the latest developments.

chemical reaction solvents eco-friendly laundry drycleaners

In these eco-conscious days, the thoughts of operators are very much on achieving the cost-effective high-quality results customers want while keeping environmental regulations and concerns in mind. Suppliers have similar thoughts with the use of recycled or recyclable packaging included. 

Safechem, for instance, now supplies perc in recyclable metal containers rather than plastic, and Cole & Wilson delivers powders in recycled paper sacks. For those assessing the current market, the return of Street’s products to the UK through Avonlee is just one recent development.... (continued in June edition)

Brands featured:

  • SafeChem
  • Avonlee Soap Company
  • RR Street and Co.
  • Textile Care Supplies
  • Ideal
  • Seitz Company
  • Ecolab
  • P&G

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