Tunnel vision: laundry machines 18 May 2018

Engineering and design thinking means that these giants of the laundry are continuously being improved for better efficiency and performance. Jean Anderson finds out about the latest developments.

kannegiesser power trans laundry business newsKannegiesser’s PowerTrans Vario serves the demands of the daily laundry business now and in future

In large-scale laundry processing, tunnel or continuous batch washers are marvels of modern engineering. 

They are subject to continuous development as demands for greater efficiencies in the use of energy grow. These laundry giants may look unwieldy but the sector has a core of manufacturers who work hard on the minute details of engineering and computer systems that can provide a laundry with incredible flexibility and efficiency. 

Girbau’s TBS-50 batch washer, for instance, has recently been Water Technology List (WTL) approved for its outstanding water efficiency, thus joining its WTL-approved HS-Series of washer-extractor machines. 

“This means businesses purchasing a new TBS-50 tunnel washer can benefit from 100 per cent tax relief under the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme,” said Richard Brown, head of industrial division at Girbau UK. The ECA scheme lets businesses write off 100 per cent of the cost of purchasing a new Girbau WTL-approved machine against taxable profits in the year of purchase. 

Only machines on the approved WTL list qualify and the tax relief is only available for the purchase of new machines. To be included on the Water Technology List, strict criteria regarding a machine’s water usage per kg must be achieved. The TBS-50 has been approved with a maximum water consumption of just 3.5 litres per kg. The Girbau TBS-50 range of tunnel washers comprises the TBS-Multi, the TBS-Hygien and the TBS-Flexi-Special with compartment loading capacity ranging from 35 to 55kg. 

They combine high efficiency with gentle mechanical action for prolonged linen life and high quality results. “The TBS-50 batch washer features integrated recirculation and recycling of the water, allowing it to be used up to three times. In addition to reducing water consumption, it also reduces energy consumption,” said Brown. “Mechanical action is achieved with a programmable inversion angle of 270° and a drum designed specifically for this purpose, for optimum quality wash. “Transferring loads through a large central opening by rotating the drum prevents the risk of blockage. 

A blade lifts the load up before transferring it and a series of continuously self-checking sensors confirm that the conditions for successful transfer are fulfilled.” All the batch washer’s modules are identical, and can include inputs for water and chemical products, drainage, pH and temperature probes. 

The dosage of chemicals and water is automatically adjusted depending on the load, which can range from 30 to 55 kg. “The TBS-Multi has all the basic model features, offering excellent performance, high yields and minimal maintenance. The TBS-Hygien can perform intensive washing processes for linen with a high level of soiling or that requires disinfection, making it especially suitable for health care applications. 

The TBS-Flexi-Special batch washer’s configuration allows each drum to act as if each has a separate function. Each unit works like a machine that is completely autonomous from the rest.” All Girbau TBS-50 systems are controlled by the latest batch washer management tool, which integrates and controls all aspects of the system including loading, washing and operation of the press. 

Brown said: “The information is displayed in a clear and intuitive way, making it easy to control, manage and programme the tunnel washer. Colour graphics and illustrations make it easy for users to understand and manage the software. 

All data is exportable in spreadsheet format for later analysis. “All TBS-50 systems come complete with Girbau’s unique remote support package. “Girbau UK TBS-50 customers are allocated a dedicated Girbau engineer with detailed knowledge of every aspect of its system. 

“An automatic modem link to Girbau UK headquarters in Hitchin and the manufacturing plant in Barcelona, Spain means that Girbau can constantly monitor the system and provide ongoing remote diagnostics, fault-finding and preventative maintenance.”

jensen alpha tunnel washer laundry equipment
Happy customers with Jensen’s new Alpha brand tunnel washer

The Jensen-Group has invested major resources in recent years to adapt its product portfolio of tunnel washers for different market requirements. With its ‘Tuned-to-perfection’ programme, a number of new features have been launched, like EcoTune for best washing... (continued in full article)

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