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The quest for a fabulous finish in bed and table linen demands that operators invest in the best feeders and folders. The question is, of course, how and what to choose from the myriad of manufacturers and suppliers on the market. Adam Bernstein explores.

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Commercial ironers from MAG Laundry Equipment are available in a range of widths

MAG Laundry Equipment 

Kieron Kendell, sales director for MAG Laundry Equipment, says his company has positioned itself to be able to “supply high-quality, efficient, affordable laundry machines” with, in terms of finishing, roller irons, drying irons and finishing tables. 

He says that MAG’s roller irons “are easy to use and perfect for small businesses” and that they are very popular within laundry shops, restaurants, B&Bs, care homes, and beauticians to name but a few. “There are various sizes including 1.0 metre, 1.2 metre and 1.4 metre models which can handle napkins, tablecloths, small bed sheets and pillowcases.” 

For the larger operation, Kendell points to on-premise laundries in commercial laundry shops, hotels and hospitals: “Our drying irons [for this sector] are designed to provide the highest quality finish and they make easy work of napkins, pillowcases, bed sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths and other flatwork items of laundry that can be dried and ironed in a single operation directly from a high spin washing machine.” 

He adds: “Our commercial drying ironers are extremely popular thanks to the excellent finish and very competitive price.” These drying ironers offer the front feeding and front return of linen, a built-in cool down system and stainless-steel panels. “They are,” says Kendell, “easy to maintain and can process 120kg of laundry per hour.” 

The biggest ironers MAG offers are in the CTP range “which can meet the demands of the largest laundry operations and come with various options for the feeding, folding and stacking of linen.” Key features listed by Kendell include the front feed and front return of linen, length fold, cross fold and stacking options, one or two working lanes, touchscreen technology and energy efficiency. 

Other products involved in finishing equipment from MAG include ironing tables, pneumatic presses, cabinets and universal mannequins. Kendell is keen to note that MAG can offer a range of payment options and packages to suit each customer that include outright purchase or monthly rental or leasing options. 

The company also offers nationwide coverage for maintenance visits, repairs, gas certificates and service contracts for virtually all commercial laundry machines on the market. Lastly, Kendell says that after purchasing one drying iron from MAG, customers often go on to order additional machines from the company. 

Kannegiesser UK Ltd

Selwyn Burchhardt of Kannegiesser UK Ltd talks of the wide range of different feeders offered by the company which has recently been completed with the addition of an “efficient and ergonomic” sheet feeding machine - the EMH - where the operator only needs to search for one edge of the sheet. 

Burchhardt says this three-station feeding machine is ideal for hospitals with outputs of more than 1,400 sheets per hour. A few years ago, Kannegiesser launched the new generation of the EMT / EMQ Synchro feeding machine. 

These units now feature new servomotor drives, touchless measurement, and a new ergonomic “self-guiding” clamp design. “For laundries that process hotel and restaurant linen,” says Burchhardt, “Kannegiesser has various optional packages for complete ironer lines. The company emphasises the ‘Integrated Laundry Concept.” 

He says that by getting information from a database about a specific batch, finishing lines can use an automatic programme change for the entire ironing line which can be customer specific. 

In terms of other products, the EMQ Synchro, can process duvet covers, sheets and table linen to a “high quality and excellent output”; and the HPM ironer offers “a very high-quality finish because of the stainless steel heating band and low energy usage because its well insulated.” 

He adds that the complete Kannegiesser line, when incorporated with central line control, is able to run without empty spaces as items can be tracked when a product / category change is made - the programme automatically adjusts with fold format or lower bed temperature automatically. Kannegiesser also has a range of folding machines - the CFM air blast machine with cross fold, the SFM and the RFM “for high quality and precision folds.” (The cross fold, says Burchhardt, is an important consideration because of various thicknesses of material. Here Kannegiesser uses a pendulum device to cope with these variations.) 

As might be expected, small piece folding is equally important. Burchhardt says that in the UK Kannegiesser has installed many 4000mm working width lines that are capable of folding six lanes of small items. He says that “depending on the item being processed it is possible to process up to 600 pillowcases and 900-1,000 napkins per lane per hour.” 

For applications here Burchhardt suggests the HPM ironer with its advance evaporation capacities to process this output.

stahl laundry equipment flatwork feeder folder laundry
The Stahl Master ironer range use non-slip feedbands to prevent the cloth from shifting

Stahl Uwe 

Stahl, managing director of Stahl, says that while his washing machines may well be “well known and highly respected by laundry market insiders and industry experts,” they aren’t the only products the company develops and manufactures. 

“Also included in our portfolio are dryers, flatwork ironers, and folding machines.” Stahl points to examples where the company has made an existing and already perfectly reliable product even better. These, he says, include flatwork ironers which are available in different sizes and with varying methods of heating. “Each of our units can be extended with modules and customised to fit individual needs and the economic development of businesses,” says Stahl.

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